South Africans Are Getting Life Cover of Up To 10 Million: Here’s How!

Every parent has great dreams and hopes for their children—a quality education, a beautiful home, and a family of their own. But what would happen to those dreams if something were to happen to the breadwinner of the family? How would the family survive the loss of income? How would they pay their bills?

A policy could pay—hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rands.

There is no promise of tomorrow, and Life Insurance gives peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to the provider, there will be money to look after the dependents. It protects family members financially by replacing lost income from injury, disease, death or retrenchment. It can cover a bond, secure a quality education for children, and safeguard a spouse from inheriting debts.

Life Cover in South Africa is more affordable than you think.

A Life Insurance policy could pay—hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Rands—at the exact time of need. But Life Insurance in South Africa is one of the most crucial, overlooked financial investments. Many South Africans believe that a policy is unaffordable. As a result, many families are heavily uninsured, leaving their surviving dependents open to hardship and distress.

Be Life Confident with CoverSearch

But there’s good news: Families and singles throughout South Africa could get a policy with very high cover from as little as R152 per month*. With the help of CoverSearch—a FREE online insurance comparison service, South Africans can now get the best Life Cover quotes.

In as little as a few minutes, it’s now possible to qualify for family cover of up to R10 Million. Sound too good to be true?
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Life Cover rates have dropped over the past few years, and CoverSearch have rounded up all the top Providers with the best, most affordable rates and offerings.

Thanks to CoverSearch, thousands of satisfied South Africans are not only receiving fast, FREE Life Insurance quotes, but they are taking advantage of these affordable, high-paying Life Insurance policies.

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