Don’t Go Solo: Why You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Divorce.

In the wake of lockdown, you have chosen to end your marriage, but you are wondering what the next steps are and whether you need an attorney by your side. Marriage is not always easy. Add a global pandemic coupled with job loss, financial issues, and escalating living costs, and you have a recipe for divorce.

Time spent indoors has not fared well for many South African couples, with many forced to reassess their relationships and happiness. We know this because divorce rates have increased by 20% since lockdown. It’s true; South Africa is witnessing a massive rise in divorce rates. Fortunately, many couples find it easy to part ways amicably. For others, divorce can turn into a battlefield.

A process where assets, investments, policies, and pensions need dividing and parents must resolve child support and custody issues, a divorce is a complex and complicated process. There are typically two types of divorces: the contested and the uncontested divorce. While the court can complete an uncontested divorce in as little as 4-weeks, it can take up to 3-years to resolve a contested divorce.

If you’ve been in a marriage for less than one or two years and have no children and combined assets and investments, you could get away with doing a DIY. However, if you’ve been together for many years and share children, assets, bank accounts and policies, here’s why you might want to consider hiring a divorce attorney.

Gain Access to Expert Advice

If you’ve been in an accident, you consult a road accident attorney. Well, the same applies to a divorce attorney. Divorce law demands expertise and years of experience. An experienced and skilled divorce attorney will be knowledgeable and practised in the division of assets and liabilities, child custody and child support, child neglect and protection, complicated property claims, domestic violence, national and international relocation of children, paternity and dependency, and the termination of parental rights.

If your divorce has any complicated issues to settle like retirement, child custody, child support, debt or split assets, your attorney can be an invaluable resource. A divorce attorney will ensure you receive everything that you deserve during your divorce and after.

A Stress-Free Divorce Process

Whoever said the moving of a house was taxing never went through a divorce. For many, divorce is more than stressful. It can be traumatic, but even more so for the kids. Friends and family are great for hugs, but they can’t ease your anxiety about the legal system. Hiring an attorney is one way to reduce stress. A divorce attorney will take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on your job, your kids, and your wellbeing.

They listen to your frustrations and doubts and easing your fears by arming you with the facts, procedures, and rights. You gain strength and understanding of the legal system, and you gain confidence knowing that you will be in good hands with your divorce lawyer.

Avoid Mistakes and Costly Delays

Stress, anger, and lack of knowledge cause mistakes. It happens with divorcing couples all the time, particularly those who insist on going through the divorce process solo. For example, you could forget to address a critical issue, underestimate the value of an asset, or fill in an important document incorrectly that could affect the kids, your medical cover, or even who gets the dogs or family boat.

Such issues can set your divorce back by months, if not years. A divorce attorney knows what is required to achieve a streamlined divorce process. They leave nothing out, ensuring an error-free divorce with zero delays that could set you back financially.
Save Money and Time with Mediation

The failing of a marriage can often involve bitterness, hurt and contempt, making any type of agreement impossible. It’s not uncommon for a divorce to take years to complete, and with your financial future on the line, you want a quick and cheap divorce. However, this is where mediation comes to the rescue because when you arm yourself with a divorce attorney proficient in mediation—like Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, you can get a divorce within a matter of months or weeks.

Get an Expert on Your Side—Emotional and Legal

The thought of divorce is stressful enough, but imagine learning that your spouse has been unfaithful, hiding money, or even trying to get custody of the children without your knowledge. How will you fight these battles on your own? Divorce law is a complex and complicated field, and your divorce attorney has the practice and the ability to fight for you when you need someone the most. They help you understand and focus on the issues of your divorce. They prepare you for court proceedings, and they provide ways to reduce your legal fees.

Hiring an attorney and paying for their services can cost a lot of money, no question about it. However, in some situations in life, you can’t win on your own. Going about a divorce solo can be difficult and scary, but when you hire an attorney—such as Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, not only do you get emotional support, but you get a team of legal muscles.

Established in 2000, Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys is a distinguished divorce law practice armed with a large team of legal members. Specialising in litigation, mediation, child custody, child support, children’s court applications, and international divorce matters, we ensure a compassionate, straightforward, no-nonsense approach to divorce and family law.

Get the Specialised Divorce Help You and Your Kids Deserve

Our specialist divorce team understands the sensitivity of what you are going through, especially where there are children and where assets and bank accounts need fair division. However, should cases require the ruling of a judge, we have the legal muscle to fight.

At Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, we provide a supportive, compassionate, yet firm representation intending to help our clients settle quickly without the hassle of incurring unrealistic financial costs. Representing at-fault and no-fault divorce cases —while also helping navigate uncontested divorces and contested divorce cases, we present all our clients with the information they need to make the best decision for their new lives. Contact our divorce and family law practice today to receive the specialised divorce help you and your kids deserve.