Powering Businesses and Homes beyond the Grid: 3 Benefits of Industrial Solar Energy

Eskom has been the subject of much criticism over several years, costing tens of millions a day in lost productivity. From accusations of corruption to the mismanagement of funds and illegal tenders, Eskom is struggling under the demand for energy expected of it. The results: neglected power plants, inflated energy costs, and rolling blackouts.

An Hour of Sun Energy Can Power Earth for a Day

As Eskom continues to buckle, many South Africans would do well to take advantage of the African sun and wind. South Africa draws an extensive amount of wind and sun energy year-round. One hour of the solar energy the sun provides to our planet each day can meet our energy needs for one year.

Yet, South Africa is burning coal to keep the lights on. While it is clear that we will not see the end of coal power soon, businesses, farms, schools, clinics, small dwellings and large homes can make the change and achieve independence by installing industrial solar panels.

Solar power is the conversion of sun solar energy into electricity.

With about 173,000 terawatts of energy continuously hitting our planets surface, there is more than enough to meet the entire planet’s consumption levels every day of the week. If you’re looking at installing an industrial solar panel system, here’s how this incredible wind and sun energy technology can power your business, farm, and home.

1. Combat Climate Change and Reduce Carbon Emissions—solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, which means by turning the sunlight that hits the earth into electricity, we will not deplete the sun’s energy. It’s limitless; As long as the sun is present, we cannot run out of solar energy. Notably safer than fossil fuel plants, industrial solar power plants do not produce air, water, noise pollution, or greenhouse gas emissions. The only thing created is clean, FREE electricity.

2. Be Independent and Beat Rising Eskom Tariffs—as well as a steady supply of electricity, one of the top benefits of solar energy is it diminishes your monthly electricity bill. It cuts out Eskom completely. While electricity prices continue to climb, solar costs are plummeting, making it an intelligent investment.

This modern energy source is cheaper than ever. That means panels are now more accessible to South African businesses and homeowners. Once paid off, your solar panels will continue to generate free power for your home for the lifetime of the system.

3. Access to Sustainable and Modern Energy—solar energy can meet our electricity needs without compromising the energy needs of future generations. Since sunlight is free, your system will demand low operating costs, and once built, your panels will last up to 40 years. Enhancing the reliability of supply and reducing dependence on oil—which economists estimate to run out, the long-lasting financial benefits and additional rewards make renewable energy an outstanding choice for any business that wants to remain productive.

Renewable energy is here to stay and is fast replacing fossil fuel power plants around the world. The sun is a powerful energy source, and harnessing this power by installing standard or industrial solar panels can protect your investment and keep the lights on at home. Solar technology can make a significant difference to the future of South Africa.

With benefits from unlimited FREE energy, low maintenance costs, Eskom independence, environmental footprint, and improved property value to a brilliant ROI, installing either standard or industrial panels onto your property makes good financial sense.