A Monthly Kids Competition That Gives Thousands Away Each Month

Want to win an easy cash prize of R5000 – does your youngster have the cutest personality ever? Do all your friends and family constantly nag you to enter your cherub in a kid’s competition? You should—because it is a great way to win money.

Today, it is difficult raising a child—jobs are scarce, and money is tight. Fortunately, there are a handful of online children competitions with some incredible money prizes. For instance, SweetSix, a kids competition voting site for proud parents, offers monthly kids competitions where you can take home up to R12 000 in cash.

Times are tough in South Africa, and not only do we provide winning kids with golden opportunities to earn a little fame, but you get the money that can go a far way in helping with their education. If you are a South African resident, enter NOW and secure a place in SweetSix kid’s competition. Entering is as easy as your ABC:

• Submit a photograph: Show your little ones BIG personality by capturing the cutest picture ever. Tip: Ensure the photo is clear and your little one is wearing the cutest little outfit ever. Big, radiant smiles are welcome!

• Tell us a Story: We know a photograph speaks a thousand words, but we want to know more about their personalities. Share a cute story; tell us about their likes and dislikes or what makes them the apple of your eye.

• Enter Your Details: Fill out the details of your little one and your own, and you are complete. Your little one is an entry into the August competition. Easy as pie.

• Vote, Vote and Vote Again: Once you enter the competition, you will need to vote. Just like any contest, the more votes, the greater the chances are of your little one scooping first, second or third prize. As a result, we make things fun at SweetSix. For instance, we use power-ups. Much like Vodacom Power Hour, we run a power-up at different times of the day.

How Power-Ups Work

Power-ups are certain times when the votes you make during those times are multiplied by 2, 3 or 4, depending on the Power-up day. You will need to keep your eye on our social media platforms for power-up times. For instance, votes double on the double-up day, which runs all day from midnight to midnight. Votes triple for three hours from 11H30 to 14H30 each day and quad up for four hours a day from 11H00 to 15H00. That means it is essential to get your family and friends to vote within these power-up times.

Power-Up to Avoid Knock-Out Rounds

Just like a Miss SA contest, karate or spelling-B competitions, kids face knock-out rounds, which is why you must consistently vote to keep their numbers high. There are two knock-out rounds, which mean if you have fewer than 20 votes on the first round and 100 votes on the second round, you will be out of the competition. That is why it is so important to get all your family and friends to VOTE every day until the kids’ contest is over!

Kids and Voters WIN Money

At SweetSix, we offer BIG money prizes, and we do it each month. In August, we will be giving away R5000 cash to the first place winner, R3000 to the second-place winner, and R2000 for third place. At SweetSix, we leave no out as one lucky voter wins R2, 000 each month by simply voting. So what are you waiting for—enter NOW and WIN!