3 Compelling Reasons to Ditch Electric and Go Induction

You’ve just moved into a new home, you’re building a cottage on your property to rent out for an extra income, your teen is moving into student accommodation for the first time, or you’re giving your kitchen new life. Either way, you’re going to need a new stove. From fire to electric to gas, today, there are many types of cooking techniques. Yet nothing hits the ball out-of-the-park like an induction cooker.

First invented in the early 1950s, induction cookers are a steadily growing trend, with benefits that far outweigh traditional methods. Essentially, an induction stove is a digitally programmable flat, thin cooking top made from glass. Below that glass, the top surface is an electromagnetic field that transfers electric currents directly to magnetic cookware, which sits on the glass top, causing the bottom of the pot or pan to heat instantly.

Induction only works with electromagnetic cookware. That means you will need to invest in a cast iron or a magnet stainless steel alloy pot and pan. This revolutionary method of frying, boiling, steaming and blanching is making waves in the hospitality industry, the reason so many people choose it over other methods. Here’s why you should too.

• Fast and Controllable Performance: Because induction requires digital programming, it will take a few days to understand the settings. Once you get the knack, you can control your temperatures instantly, so food never overcooks or burns. Cooking is also faster, as magnetic elements transfer instant heat directly to the cookware, allowing water to boil and food to heat to 50% faster than electric and gas.

• It’s Safe Unlike Gas and Electric: Induction cookers are the safest cooking option for families with young kids, pensioners with Alzheimer’s, retirees, modern developments with built-in appliances, restaurants and catering companies and student accommodation. Unlike gas and electricity, induction cooktops and cookware do not get hot enough to hurt someone or cause a fire. An induction stove-top will not heat unless there is a magnetic pot on it as they also come with sensors that automatically shut down the stove when you remove a pot.

• Energy Efficient: Apart from benefits like better flavour, ease to clean, safety, convenience, and speed, this revolutionary cooking method is energy efficient. As South Africans look for ways to go sustainable and reduce their monthly overheads, many invest in induction because it saves money. It uses 90 percent of energy for cooking, whereas electricity uses around 70 percent and gas use around 50 percent. That means zero heat escapes because it directs heat to the pot only. That makes this technology a lot more efficient and energy-savvy, which is ideal in a struggling economy.

You do not have to be a scientist to appreciate the many benefits of this revolutionary cooking method. As more families, students, retirees, schools, campuses, developers, and the hospitality industry discover the advantages of cooking with magnets, the more fans this 50s technology gains. Induction is sophisticated, efficient, compact, and healthy—and the savings are evident.

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