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LinkedIn Post 1 Importance of Water Quality and Managing Water-Related Risks at Packhouses While South Africa’s supply routes are “business as usual”, the biggest challenge for packhouses is complying with water contaminant standards and showing that processed fresh produce poses zero risks to importing countries. A packhouse uses significant amounts of water from orchards to […]

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Many invisible threads connect nature to our plates, backyards, and to the products we use—but of them all, water is the lifeblood. Experts have warned of a looming water crisis that could mirror our nations energy woes. South Africa will have a 17% water deficit by 2030. Unless we take urgent steps to implement a […]

3 Compelling Reasons to Ditch Electric and Go Induction

You’ve just moved into a new home, you’re building a cottage on your property to rent out for an extra income, your teen is moving into student accommodation for the first time, or you’re giving your kitchen new life. Either way, you’re going to need a new stove. From fire to electric to gas, today, […]

Looking to Buy a New Bath Tub? 4 Tips to Avoid Getting Soaked

Have you ever had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend soaking in a Hot Spring in cold temperatures or the middle of nowhere with an outdoor jetted bathtub under the stars? A spa bath is a fantastic way to turn any dull bathroom into a healing space. An outdoor jetted bathtub under the stars, […]

A Monthly Kids Competition That Gives Thousands Away Each Month

Want to win an easy cash prize of R5000 – does your youngster have the cutest personality ever? Do all your friends and family constantly nag you to enter your cherub in a kid’s competition? You should—because it is a great way to win money. Today, it is difficult raising a child—jobs are scarce, and […]