3 Compelling Reasons to Ditch Electric and Go Induction

You’ve just moved into a new home, you’re building a cottage on your property to rent out for an extra income, your teen is moving into student accommodation for the first time, or you’re giving your kitchen new life. Either way, you’re going to need a new stove. From fire to electric to gas, today, there are many types of cooking techniques. Yet nothing hits the ball out-of-the-park like an induction cooker.

First invented in the early 1950s, induction cookers are a steadily growing trend, with benefits that far outweigh traditional methods. Essentially, an induction stove is a digitally programmable flat, thin cooking top made from glass. Below that glass, the top surface is an electromagnetic field that transfers electric currents directly to magnetic cookware, which sits on the glass top, causing the bottom of the pot or pan to heat instantly.

Induction only works with electromagnetic cookware. That means you will need to invest in a cast iron or a magnet stainless steel alloy pot and pan. This revolutionary method of frying, boiling, steaming and blanching is making waves in the hospitality industry, the reason so many people choose it over other methods. Here’s why you should too.

• Fast and Controllable Performance: Because induction requires digital programming, it will take a few days to understand the settings. Once you get the knack, you can control your temperatures instantly, so food never overcooks or burns. Cooking is also faster, as magnetic elements transfer instant heat directly to the cookware, allowing water to boil and food to heat to 50% faster than electric and gas.

• It’s Safe Unlike Gas and Electric: Induction cookers are the safest cooking option for families with young kids, pensioners with Alzheimer’s, retirees, modern developments with built-in appliances, restaurants and catering companies and student accommodation. Unlike gas and electricity, induction cooktops and cookware do not get hot enough to hurt someone or cause a fire. An induction stove-top will not heat unless there is a magnetic pot on it as they also come with sensors that automatically shut down the stove when you remove a pot.

• Energy Efficient: Apart from benefits like better flavour, ease to clean, safety, convenience, and speed, this revolutionary cooking method is energy efficient. As South Africans look for ways to go sustainable and reduce their monthly overheads, many invest in induction because it saves money. It uses 90 percent of energy for cooking, whereas electricity uses around 70 percent and gas use around 50 percent. That means zero heat escapes because it directs heat to the pot only. That makes this technology a lot more efficient and energy-savvy, which is ideal in a struggling economy.

You do not have to be a scientist to appreciate the many benefits of this revolutionary cooking method. As more families, students, retirees, schools, campuses, developers, and the hospitality industry discover the advantages of cooking with magnets, the more fans this 50s technology gains. Induction is sophisticated, efficient, compact, and healthy—and the savings are evident.

So what are you waiting for—you can now find portable, household and outdoor induction stoves and cast iron and magnetic stainless steel cookware online at Snappy Chef

How to Facelift Your Boudoir on a Budget: Buy a New Modern Bathtub and Use These Ideas

Promised your wife you would revamp the bathroom this winter—but worried about if you can afford it, or is your old bathtub not living up to your expanding household? Whenever we think of the words: ‘bathroom renovation’ or ‘new bathtub’, we immediately visualise a five-figure job that entails ripping out the entire bathroom. There goes’ the tiles, walls, your sanity—and your 2021/2022 year-end family holiday trip.

There is little doubt that a bathroom makeover is stressful in terms of misery, unmet timetables and cost. But what if we told you that a cosmetic makeover does not have to cost the earth and that a cheap bathroom makeover is possible? Today’s modern bathrooms use the least to achieve the most. That means it is easy to add space and ambience to any small or outdated boudoir with only a few bathroom furnishings.

Whether you want to transform your space into a tranquil spa with a new modern bathtub or bring your boudoir back to life—you can do it without breaking the bank. As one of the leading bathtub suppliers and design experts in the Southern Hemisphere, we understand times are tough and have put together some budget wow-factor ideas to get that spa-like boudoir look—including a new modern bathtub.

1. Incorporate Brass Accents

Giving the nod of approval to older styles and adding a touch of indulgence – brass is storming back into fashion. Open any décor magazine, and you will see the rich and glowing colours of brass and copper fashioned into taps, soap dispensers, storage jars, toothbrush holders, faucets, mirrors, and even towel racks.

2. Indoor Plants

Plants do so much more than look pretty. They clean the air and add a calming and tranquil touch to any indoor space. Bringing nature into the bathroom is an inexpensive way to transform, liven up and add a spa-like ambience. Indoor plants positioned on a wooden shelf or spectacularly positioned in macramé wall hanger’s takes a bathroom from cluttered to minimalism. Indoor greenery is a powerful way to transform any dull bathroom into a sanctuary.

3. Go Neutral

It is a rule of thumb to paint a small bathroom in a light colour but an enormous bathroom in a darker colour. Softer shades on walls reflect light and create the illusion of space, whereas bold hues do the opposite. Whichever you decide to choose, ensure you stick with one pallet and not necessarily one colour. If you work with silver, stick with shades that complement and do not overpower. Similarly, if your space is relatively neutral, match your bathroom accessories and hardware in a complementary hue to your towels and flooring.

4. Install a Statement Pendant or Chandelier

Good lighting is not only for main bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and hallways. Fortunately, there are plenty to create light. You can buy scented candles or display Moroccan-style lanterns around the bathtub. You can also transform your bathroom into a calming and healing space with a bamboo hanging pendant, a sculptural copper or silver lantern or a crystal chandelier. A statement light paired with statement flooring will add an edgy focal point sure to turn your boudoir into a masterpiece.

5. Install a Modern Free-standing or Corner Bathtub

Long gone are those outdated bath models that take up half the bathroom floor. Today, new modern baths are a staple for modern bathroom design and one of the hottest home installation trends. Modern bathtubs embrace contemporary geometric shapes in organic materials, polished to be sleek and innovative. Immersive and curvaceous in design, these beautifully crafted necessities lend a spa-like vibe to any space, indoors and outdoors.

It’s an Investment You Can Afford

There are many ways to facelift a bathroom. You can go big on mirrors, feature the floor or you could anchor an exquisite oval, round or square freestanding or a corner bathtub. Modern bathtubs always deliver—unless you buy a cheap one with zero guarantees, topped off by an inferior installation. Top Tip: before you buy a new modern bathtub, buy your supplier first. A hot tub is a lifelong investment, and you need a supplier who shares the same quality values as you do.

Whether you’re looking to buy a freestanding oval-shaped tub to stand in the middle of your boudoir or you need some accessories to add personality, chat with the spa bath experts at Summer Place Spas & Baths. As South Africa’s leading trendsetters, suppliers and premier manufacturers of baths and bathroom accessories, we carry all the latest bathtub models and accessories inspired by European trends. We provide installation, guarantees, after-sales services, and fantastic maintenance plans.

Looking to Buy a New Bath Tub? 4 Tips to Avoid Getting Soaked

Have you ever had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend soaking in a Hot Spring in cold temperatures or the middle of nowhere with an outdoor jetted bathtub under the stars? A spa bath is a fantastic way to turn any dull bathroom into a healing space. An outdoor jetted bathtub under the stars, however, is like a hot spring right in your backyard. And it’s even better in the cold winter months.

Hydrotherapy Betters Quality of Life

A feature once only found in high-end luxury spas, membership clubs, and the homes of the rich-and-famous, jetted bathtubs are now a staple in backyards and on rooftops. Spa baths exercise the healing energy of hydrotherapy which uses powerful jets to pump soothing pressure bubbles against aching muscles. Soaking in an outdoor bathtub on wintry nights not only warms the body but also detoxifies the skin, clears sinuses, and relaxes and opens the chest and lungs. Further, hydrotherapy reduces conditions like arthritis, chronic pain and anxiety, resulting in better sleep patterns, which means a stronger and more robust immune system.

Investing in an indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy bath betters the quality of life. It is an indisputable fact. However, looking for a new bathtub to suit space, needs and budget are where the real challenge begins. First, buying a new bathtub is like purchasing a vehicle or boat. It is a significant investment that requires a lot more than a guarantee. It requires the best, most credible spa bath supplier. Here’s how to choose a new bathtub—without getting soaked by a fly-by-night bathtub supplier.

1. Shop Supplier before Bath Tub

If you’re looking to buy a new bathtub, make sure you buy one from an honest, reputable Jacuzzi supplier, trendsetter and manufacturer and not some no-name fly-by-night salesperson. Further, stay away from Big Box retailers, as you are just another number to them. Instead, shop for a supplier that understands the value of after-sales service. Similar to finding an honest accountant or mechanic, do your due diligence. For instance, research their website, find out how long are they in business, and ask for reviews with legitimate names and contact numbers. A credible supplier will have a portfolio with lists of clients. Should they have no website or portfolio, walk away.

2. Spa Bath Shell Matters

Once you have found your supplier, turn your attention to the bath shell material. Determining the style, cost, insulation and durability, ensure the shell is tough, attractive, and energy-efficient. You have the choice of materials like vinyl, acrylic or roto-moulded plastic. However, there are slight differences. For instance, whereas acrylic shells retain heat, vinyl and roto-moulded plastic shells are not as energy-efficient, increasing operating costs. Further, acrylic comes in different colours and contains UV inhibitors that prevent fading, unlike its competitors. Overall, acrylic shells steal accolades in aesthetics, longevity and energy efficiency.

3. Massage Jets in Hot Tubs

Jet power is essential as that propels water and air to give the best foot, leg, back and neck massage. Some hot tubs come with a handful of massage jets in many configurations. However, bigger is not always better because large jets or too many jets lead to painful pressure—and a higher energy bill. Start by looking for a bathtub with jets that imitate the natural shape of a back. After, focus on jet placement because that is just as vital as jet size, if not more. You want comfortable, well-positioned jets that do not jab your body when trying to warm, relax and heal under the stars. You want comfortable and functional jets that massage your chills, body pain and stress away.

4. Warranty and Maintenance and Repair Service Plans

There is a strong chance that you are not an expert in Spa Bath Repairs. Nonetheless, that’s perfectly fine because that is what a hot tub service plan provides. Going much further than a warranty or guarantee, buying a new hot tub means entering a long relationship with the supplier and manufacturer. Similar to industrial equipment or a vehicle, bathtub technology is complex. You want an exclusive supplier that can and will furnish you with a warranty and all the maintenance and repair service plans required. Not only is this to ensure customer satisfaction and protect you from the stress and worry of maintaining your spa, but these plans exist to save customers tens of thousands in maintenance and repairs over the lifespan of the tub.

A Monthly Kids Competition That Gives Thousands Away Each Month

Want to win an easy cash prize of R5000 – does your youngster have the cutest personality ever? Do all your friends and family constantly nag you to enter your cherub in a kid’s competition? You should—because it is a great way to win money.

Today, it is difficult raising a child—jobs are scarce, and money is tight. Fortunately, there are a handful of online children competitions with some incredible money prizes. For instance, SweetSix, a kids competition voting site for proud parents, offers monthly kids competitions where you can take home up to R12 000 in cash.

Times are tough in South Africa, and not only do we provide winning kids with golden opportunities to earn a little fame, but you get the money that can go a far way in helping with their education. If you are a South African resident, enter NOW and secure a place in SweetSix kid’s competition. Entering is as easy as your ABC:

• Submit a photograph: Show your little ones BIG personality by capturing the cutest picture ever. Tip: Ensure the photo is clear and your little one is wearing the cutest little outfit ever. Big, radiant smiles are welcome!

• Tell us a Story: We know a photograph speaks a thousand words, but we want to know more about their personalities. Share a cute story; tell us about their likes and dislikes or what makes them the apple of your eye.

• Enter Your Details: Fill out the details of your little one and your own, and you are complete. Your little one is an entry into the August competition. Easy as pie.

• Vote, Vote and Vote Again: Once you enter the competition, you will need to vote. Just like any contest, the more votes, the greater the chances are of your little one scooping first, second or third prize. As a result, we make things fun at SweetSix. For instance, we use power-ups. Much like Vodacom Power Hour, we run a power-up at different times of the day.

How Power-Ups Work

Power-ups are certain times when the votes you make during those times are multiplied by 2, 3 or 4, depending on the Power-up day. You will need to keep your eye on our social media platforms for power-up times. For instance, votes double on the double-up day, which runs all day from midnight to midnight. Votes triple for three hours from 11H30 to 14H30 each day and quad up for four hours a day from 11H00 to 15H00. That means it is essential to get your family and friends to vote within these power-up times.

Power-Up to Avoid Knock-Out Rounds

Just like a Miss SA contest, karate or spelling-B competitions, kids face knock-out rounds, which is why you must consistently vote to keep their numbers high. There are two knock-out rounds, which mean if you have fewer than 20 votes on the first round and 100 votes on the second round, you will be out of the competition. That is why it is so important to get all your family and friends to VOTE every day until the kids’ contest is over!

Kids and Voters WIN Money

At SweetSix, we offer BIG money prizes, and we do it each month. In August, we will be giving away R5000 cash to the first place winner, R3000 to the second-place winner, and R2000 for third place. At SweetSix, we leave no out as one lucky voter wins R2, 000 each month by simply voting. So what are you waiting for—enter NOW and WIN!

Don’t Go Solo: Why You Need an Attorney to Help with Your Divorce.

In the wake of lockdown, you have chosen to end your marriage, but you are wondering what the next steps are and whether you need an attorney by your side. Marriage is not always easy. Add a global pandemic coupled with job loss, financial issues, and escalating living costs, and you have a recipe for divorce.

Time spent indoors has not fared well for many South African couples, with many forced to reassess their relationships and happiness. We know this because divorce rates have increased by 20% since lockdown. It’s true; South Africa is witnessing a massive rise in divorce rates. Fortunately, many couples find it easy to part ways amicably. For others, divorce can turn into a battlefield.

A process where assets, investments, policies, and pensions need dividing and parents must resolve child support and custody issues, a divorce is a complex and complicated process. There are typically two types of divorces: the contested and the uncontested divorce. While the court can complete an uncontested divorce in as little as 4-weeks, it can take up to 3-years to resolve a contested divorce.

If you’ve been in a marriage for less than one or two years and have no children and combined assets and investments, you could get away with doing a DIY. However, if you’ve been together for many years and share children, assets, bank accounts and policies, here’s why you might want to consider hiring a divorce attorney.

Gain Access to Expert Advice

If you’ve been in an accident, you consult a road accident attorney. Well, the same applies to a divorce attorney. Divorce law demands expertise and years of experience. An experienced and skilled divorce attorney will be knowledgeable and practised in the division of assets and liabilities, child custody and child support, child neglect and protection, complicated property claims, domestic violence, national and international relocation of children, paternity and dependency, and the termination of parental rights.

If your divorce has any complicated issues to settle like retirement, child custody, child support, debt or split assets, your attorney can be an invaluable resource. A divorce attorney will ensure you receive everything that you deserve during your divorce and after.

A Stress-Free Divorce Process

Whoever said the moving of a house was taxing never went through a divorce. For many, divorce is more than stressful. It can be traumatic, but even more so for the kids. Friends and family are great for hugs, but they can’t ease your anxiety about the legal system. Hiring an attorney is one way to reduce stress. A divorce attorney will take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on your job, your kids, and your wellbeing.

They listen to your frustrations and doubts and easing your fears by arming you with the facts, procedures, and rights. You gain strength and understanding of the legal system, and you gain confidence knowing that you will be in good hands with your divorce lawyer.

Avoid Mistakes and Costly Delays

Stress, anger, and lack of knowledge cause mistakes. It happens with divorcing couples all the time, particularly those who insist on going through the divorce process solo. For example, you could forget to address a critical issue, underestimate the value of an asset, or fill in an important document incorrectly that could affect the kids, your medical cover, or even who gets the dogs or family boat.

Such issues can set your divorce back by months, if not years. A divorce attorney knows what is required to achieve a streamlined divorce process. They leave nothing out, ensuring an error-free divorce with zero delays that could set you back financially.
Save Money and Time with Mediation

The failing of a marriage can often involve bitterness, hurt and contempt, making any type of agreement impossible. It’s not uncommon for a divorce to take years to complete, and with your financial future on the line, you want a quick and cheap divorce. However, this is where mediation comes to the rescue because when you arm yourself with a divorce attorney proficient in mediation—like Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, you can get a divorce within a matter of months or weeks.

Get an Expert on Your Side—Emotional and Legal

The thought of divorce is stressful enough, but imagine learning that your spouse has been unfaithful, hiding money, or even trying to get custody of the children without your knowledge. How will you fight these battles on your own? Divorce law is a complex and complicated field, and your divorce attorney has the practice and the ability to fight for you when you need someone the most. They help you understand and focus on the issues of your divorce. They prepare you for court proceedings, and they provide ways to reduce your legal fees.

Hiring an attorney and paying for their services can cost a lot of money, no question about it. However, in some situations in life, you can’t win on your own. Going about a divorce solo can be difficult and scary, but when you hire an attorney—such as Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, not only do you get emotional support, but you get a team of legal muscles.

Established in 2000, Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys is a distinguished divorce law practice armed with a large team of legal members. Specialising in litigation, mediation, child custody, child support, children’s court applications, and international divorce matters, we ensure a compassionate, straightforward, no-nonsense approach to divorce and family law.

Get the Specialised Divorce Help You and Your Kids Deserve

Our specialist divorce team understands the sensitivity of what you are going through, especially where there are children and where assets and bank accounts need fair division. However, should cases require the ruling of a judge, we have the legal muscle to fight.

At Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, we provide a supportive, compassionate, yet firm representation intending to help our clients settle quickly without the hassle of incurring unrealistic financial costs. Representing at-fault and no-fault divorce cases —while also helping navigate uncontested divorces and contested divorce cases, we present all our clients with the information they need to make the best decision for their new lives. Contact our divorce and family law practice today to receive the specialised divorce help you and your kids deserve.

Powering Businesses and Homes beyond the Grid: 3 Benefits of Industrial Solar Energy

Eskom has been the subject of much criticism over several years, costing tens of millions a day in lost productivity. From accusations of corruption to the mismanagement of funds and illegal tenders, Eskom is struggling under the demand for energy expected of it. The results: neglected power plants, inflated energy costs, and rolling blackouts.

An Hour of Sun Energy Can Power Earth for a Day

As Eskom continues to buckle, many South Africans would do well to take advantage of the African sun and wind. South Africa draws an extensive amount of wind and sun energy year-round. One hour of the solar energy the sun provides to our planet each day can meet our energy needs for one year.

Yet, South Africa is burning coal to keep the lights on. While it is clear that we will not see the end of coal power soon, businesses, farms, schools, clinics, small dwellings and large homes can make the change and achieve independence by installing industrial solar panels.

Solar power is the conversion of sun solar energy into electricity.

With about 173,000 terawatts of energy continuously hitting our planets surface, there is more than enough to meet the entire planet’s consumption levels every day of the week. If you’re looking at installing an industrial solar panel system, here’s how this incredible wind and sun energy technology can power your business, farm, and home.

1. Combat Climate Change and Reduce Carbon Emissions—solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, which means by turning the sunlight that hits the earth into electricity, we will not deplete the sun’s energy. It’s limitless; As long as the sun is present, we cannot run out of solar energy. Notably safer than fossil fuel plants, industrial solar power plants do not produce air, water, noise pollution, or greenhouse gas emissions. The only thing created is clean, FREE electricity.

2. Be Independent and Beat Rising Eskom Tariffs—as well as a steady supply of electricity, one of the top benefits of solar energy is it diminishes your monthly electricity bill. It cuts out Eskom completely. While electricity prices continue to climb, solar costs are plummeting, making it an intelligent investment.

This modern energy source is cheaper than ever. That means panels are now more accessible to South African businesses and homeowners. Once paid off, your solar panels will continue to generate free power for your home for the lifetime of the system.

3. Access to Sustainable and Modern Energy—solar energy can meet our electricity needs without compromising the energy needs of future generations. Since sunlight is free, your system will demand low operating costs, and once built, your panels will last up to 40 years. Enhancing the reliability of supply and reducing dependence on oil—which economists estimate to run out, the long-lasting financial benefits and additional rewards make renewable energy an outstanding choice for any business that wants to remain productive.

Renewable energy is here to stay and is fast replacing fossil fuel power plants around the world. The sun is a powerful energy source, and harnessing this power by installing standard or industrial solar panels can protect your investment and keep the lights on at home. Solar technology can make a significant difference to the future of South Africa.

With benefits from unlimited FREE energy, low maintenance costs, Eskom independence, environmental footprint, and improved property value to a brilliant ROI, installing either standard or industrial panels onto your property makes good financial sense.

Boosting Immunity: 3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Defend the Body from Viruses

The human body is an incredible machine. For instance, did you know a human bone is more robust than a rod of steel? A block of bone the same size as a matchbox supports up to 18,000 pounds of weight. Another marvel is the body’s immune system, which protects us against outside viruses and infectious diseases.

Our Immune System Keeps us Alive and Healthy

There are several surprising phenomena you may not know about your immune system. Not only does it defend the body from viruses, bacteria and parasites, but it also battles disease-causing cells like cancer. Like the brain, the immune system is a well-designed, complex machine. Its job is to protect the body, but an unhealthy lifestyle will compromise its ability to do its job. That is when we get sick.

A weakened immune system makes the body vulnerable to infections and disease, especially over the cold winter months. However, making several changes, like increasing water intake, exercising daily for at least 30-minutes, and reducing alcohol, reducing nicotine and sugar intake, are excellent ways to boost the body’s defence mechanisms. However, that is not all. You can also boost your immune system in the following ways:

1. We Heal When We Sleep

Your body may regenerate cells every second, but the real damage heals while you sleep, like the heart and blood vessels. Sleep plays an enormous role in boosting the brain and body for a better psychological, physical and emotional tomorrow. When we sleep at night, the brain broadcasts messages that send hormones to all the cells in the body that need healing.

Whereas poor sleep increases diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, a good night sleep heals the body, fighting off viruses and infections.

2. Lower Stress Levels

Stress affects blood sugar and promotes inflammation of the body, which suppresses and increases levels of Suppressor T cells. That is incredibly damaging to the immune system and leads to histamine release – an allergy-causing molecule.

Relieving stress and anxiety is imperative, especially during the colder months. During winter, people are more susceptible to getting sick. Healthy eating habits fly out the window, and exercise regimens get swapped for couch surfing. Ensure a strong mind and body by balancing your stress levels with exercise, meditation, diet, and daily mindfulness techniques.

3. Supplement Wisely

As with most things in your body, a healthy diet is essential to a healthy immune system. Like an engine that requires the right fuel to perform, the body needs plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, lean protein and healthy plant fats.

If you’re not feeding your body the right fuel, your immune system will fail. While bolstering immunity is easier said than done, you can start today by decreasing your stress levels, eating more sun foods, and last but not least, supplementing wisely with Module8.

Designed for Compromised Immune Sytems

A clinically proven potent cancer-fighting homoeopathic product, Modul8 goes above and beyond the standard immune booster supplement. These powerful drops assist anyone with compromised immunity. That makes Modul8 essential for anyone with a weak immune system, especially over the winter months.

Find our products at all leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

4 Reasons to Skip Big Box Retailers and Shop for Clothes Online

Love high-fashion, but dislike the in-store shopping part? We do not blame you. South Africans love to shop, but the past several years show more women breaking tradition and shopping online.

It used to be that if you wanted a new blouse or set of lingerie, you would drive to the mall, find parking and visit every big-box retailer until you found the right style in the perfect colour. However, since the eCommerce boom, we are moving online—from the way we work, communicate to the way we shop for clothes. Here’s why South Africans are kicking big-box retailers to the curb and buying their clothes online.

1. Shop from Your Bedroom, Lounge or Office

Shoppers find comfort in surfing the web for sweatpants, books, food, wine, underwear, jackets and more because it’s safe and convenient. All you need is a laptop or a Smartphone, and you have the retail world at your fingertips. By doing so, you avoid petrol and parking costs, and you save time. It is also far safer, especially during COVID.

2. Lower Overheads Equal Better Deals and Sales

Unlike standard brick-and-mortar retailers with huge showrooms and dressing rooms and tills, mannequins and on-floor sales ladies, an online retailer keeps its stock in an enormous warehouse. They do not employ a sales team, as their website is the only salesperson they need. These savings allow them to pass better clothing deals on to their consumers. Because eCommerce clothing retailers offer the very best prices, consumers get much better value for their money—and they get better clothing styles.

3. Infinite Choices

Shopping in the commercial retail scene works well for young children, but no woman wants to run into someone wearing the same outfit. Whereas Big Box retailers struggle with variety and exclusivity, online clothing retailers stock hundreds of designer styles in every size. Online retailers provide access to brands, designers, styles and sizes you will not find in malls. You get a more personalised shopping experience with eCommerce retailers.

4. Sizing Guides, FREE Delivery and Easy Returns

80% of women often buy the wrong size top—because few women know their bust size. Although in-store retailers boast on-floor salespeople, size measurements are not an easy-to-find service. However, most eCommerce sites have a sizing guide that explains how to measure your bust line and waistline, ensuring the right fit. Other online buying perks are the FREE delivery service you get if you purchase over a certain amount, and then there are the easy return policies, ensuring happy customers.

Today, buying clothes online at your favourite designer retailer is far cheaper, safer and more convenient than spending an entire morning or afternoon running from one big-box retailer to the next. Whether you’re after the latest high-fashion cocktail dress or the most recent winter collections, you’re almost guaranteed to find the right style, colour, size and width online.

It’s Wedding Season: 4 Fail-Safe Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Venues

Wedding season is in the air, and brides from all over Gauteng will say their “I do’s” and enjoy the perfect summer honeymoon.

For any bride-to-be, few things are as important as choosing the location and setting to say your vows. If you’re reading this blog post, then you’re probably not the only bride-to-be rushing to book a spectacular ceremony venue in and around Mpumalanga.

Fortunately, the number of wedding venues in Mpumalanga available today is dizzying—from country clubs and banquet halls, villas and wine estates, and restaurants to some of Mpumalanga’s spectacular locations that boast open views of rolling hills and lush valleys with wildlife.

As a result, you need a few vital tips to ensure you choose a place that offers it all—because you should not lift a finger on one of the most important days of your life.

1. Establish Venue Size and Budget with a Guest List

You want a venue that can accommodate your guest list, so before you start your location hunt, narrow down your search by deciding on the number of guests who will attend your big day. Not only will your guest list help you find a suitably sized venue that can cater to your guest’s dietary needs, but it will also help you determine your budget—which is essential for wedding planning.

2. Choose a Venue that Aligns with Your Vision

Your perfect wedding venue needs to have a wow factor that’s unique to your vision, but venues vary. Whereas some provide everything in one location – like the chapel, catering, reception and accommodation, others only cater to the after-party. To begin your planning process, draw up a shortlist of places that offer what you want. Maybe you want to say your vows in a chapel within walking distance to your reception venue or under blue skies set against a backdrop of a waterfall or rolling hills. Whatever your needs, visit only the places that tick your boxes and budget.

3. Full-Service or BYO

There are two types of wedding packages: full-service and those where you bring your vendors, decorators and suppliers. Most couples opt for full-service as this removes the stress of weeks of planning, booking and making multiple payments. A full-service venue is all-inclusive, which means they provide table and chairs, crockery and cutlery, waiters and bar staff, chef-prepared catering, and the décor, DJ, makeup artist, photographer, videographer and more.

4. Ensure They Have a Team of Planners

With so many wedding venues throughout Gauteng and Mpumalanga, you would think choosing one would be simple, but it never is. As a result, it is wise to consider a venue well known for hosting wedding ceremonies, celebrations, and honeymoons. Wedding planners charge high rates for their services, but you can avoid this by choosing an exclusive wedding venue with experienced planners that tailor-make your big day.

It’s one of the most important days of your life, so make it truly memorable with Kralinbergh Estate. Do not delay—make your ceremony and reception booking with us today.

3 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2021

It is 2021, and we are no longer blind to our actions as decades ago. We are slowly killing our planet and eating all our animals to extinction. That begs the question: Is it time to ditch chicken, pork and lamb for a healthier sun-food diet?

Over the past decade, we witnessed a vast movement of woke civilians standing up against eating anything with a heartbeat. After years of supporting the slaughter of our fellow sentient friends, meat-eaters are shunning their Sunday roast pork luncheons and Saturday morning bacon-and-eggs for fresh fruit, mineral-rich green juices, and vegetable protein burgers, steaks and schnitzels. Here are three reasons to follow suit.

The Meat Industry Consumes Vast Amounts of Water

Livestock production is damaging to the environment. Many invisible threads connect nature to our plates and the products we use—but of them all, water is the lifeblood. It takes around 13,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef, 1,020 litres to produce a litre of milk, and 5,060 litres for just a kilogram of cheese.

Yet, it takes ONLY around 285 litres of water to process a kilogram of carrots, 56 litres to produce a kilo of lettuce, 98 litres for a kilogram of tomatoes, and 113 litres to produce a kilogram of potatoes. Pound for pound—meat has a much higher footprint than vegetables. However, the water component of your food is only a fraction of why people prefer vegan food.

Do No Harm to Animals

Is it right to trap, cage, torture, and slaughter other sentient beings to satisfy man’s decadent appetite? The suffering of animals in factory farming is one of the worst crimes in history, and going vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty.

Every year, the meat industry rips billions of innocent babies away from their mothers to eat, sleep and breed. That is their entire existence, and once the mothers are no longer profitable—with nothing left to give, they land on supermarket shelves. The cycle is never-ending, and we are slowly killing innocent creatures that have just as a right to be here as we do—if not more.

You Are What You Eat

Veganism, the plant-based diet which shuns meat and dairy, is having its time in the sun. However, preventing the exploitation of water and animals is not the only reason for this selfless lifestyle choice. Fresh, chlorophyll-rich vegan foods provide many health benefits. While some would argue that vegetables contain pesticides, meat, poultry, and fish contain a cocktail of growth and packing chemicals.

Consequently, the more you eat these processed foods that are anything but fresh, the more your body absorbs these chemicals. From chlorine baths that bleach chicken to look attractive, carbon monoxide injections to add that pink colour, to all those antibiotics pumped into livestock over its lifespan—eating meat increases the chances of developing 21st-century degenerative cancers. It is a fact.

Getting food from plants packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals, and protein promotes healthier living. Not only do you get to make a difference in your own life, but in the lives of animals and the planet. And with so many delicious and healthy plant-based foods available—going vegan is now easier than ever.