Top Tips to Rid Stubborn Tummy Fat

Struggling to button up those skinny jeans you lived in last winter? Whether overweight or underweight, many women struggle with tummy fat, even thin people with flat abs. A common side-effect of 21st-century lifestyle living, there are many reasons you’re resembling an apple instead of a pear. While heredity, age, menopause, and lack of physical exercise are huge contributors, the real culprit behind your tummy fat is sugar.

While it’s normal to have tummy fat to provide cushioning around your organs, problems appear when you have too much. Also known as visceral fat, tummy fat can affect your health far worse than normal fat pockets. Tummy fat is not only bothersome and restrictive to wear certain clothes, but it’s also the most dangerous type of fat, causing serious health issues. As it forms between your organs, the fat releases proteins that trigger diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, heart disease, fatty enlarged liver, and even some cancers, such as breast and colon cancer. If you have a lot of excess baggage around your abdomen, then you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

How to tell if your tummy fat is normal or unhealthy

Ignoring your tummy fat is no longer an option if you want to live a healthy long life. An easy way is to assess your excess fat is to wrap a measuring tape around your waist, at the top of your hipbone area around your belly button. Make sure you’re standing when you take the measurement. If you’re a woman and your measurement is over 35 inches, then you’ve got some serious tummy fat to get rid of, and if you’re a man and your measurement is over 40 inches, then you’ve also got some serious tummy fat to get rid of. If you’re one of many South Africans looking to lose your tummy fat but have no idea where to start – here are some brilliant tips to help you shed fat fast.

#1 Remove sugar from your home

Did you know that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and that one can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar? Yes, that sweet white or brown stuff you pour in your coffee and tea and throw over your cereal, pastries and sauces is not as sweet as you were led to believe. Sugar does not give you energy. Sugar promotes disease that takes away your energy.

The culprit behind many of today’s diseases, sugar seems to be fast cutting lives short. A white or brown substance that has many masks, sugar is found in the form of cane syrup, honey, agave, corn syrup, pasteurised fruit juice, molasses, flour, wheat, sodas, alcohol, desserts, pasta, ice-cream, cereals, and biscuits to just about every other processed food you can think of. Sugar has made its way into everything we eat.

#2 An avocado a day keeps the doctor away

Forget apples, for tummy fat and weight loss, indulge in avocados. Yes, you read it right, avocados! While we were once led to believe that avocados are fattening and not good for weight loss, new research has shown us that avocado fats are essential to our diets. Rich in monounsaturated, heart-healthy fat – eating just half an avocado a day will help to curb your appetite and absorb three to five times more carotenoids, which is a disease-fighting compound associated with improved weight and fat loss.

#3 Use Herbex fat burners

Over the years, medical science has proven that weight loss is a little more complicated than stomach crunches, Pilates and starvation diets. The human body is controlled by complex systems that control appetite and metabolism, and these functions must be managed together when trying to eliminate tummy fat. And this is where herbal fat burning herbs outshine. Using herbs, such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cumin, dandelion, ginger, Guarana, milk vetch, Siberian ginseng and turmeric to create safe and effective fat burners – not only do fat burners speed up the metabolism and burn fat, but they also curb the appetite, detoxify the colon and boost energy levels.

With the right plan, diet and supplements, it’s easy to lose tummy fat. In fact, losing tummy fat is far easier than toning bingo wings. So stick to the above tips and get ready to be a slimmer and healthier you in less than three months.

The Health Effects of Being Overweight

Is being overweight ruining your life? Did you know that South Africa is the fattest nation in Sub-Saharan Africa? According to the latest statistics conducted by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC), Statistics South Africa, and the Department of Health, the South African obesity rate has tripled over the past decade. A serious issue of 21st-century lifestyle living, the obesity rate is at its worst in human history, especially in South Africa. Not only have statistics revealed that 82% of South African women over the age of 45 overweight, but 40% of all South African men over the age of 35 are also overweight. And if that’s not enough – South African young children, tweens and teens are not very far behind.

Where are South Africans going wrong?

Being overweight or obese is now listed as a chronic disease caused by a combination of environmental, genetic and personal factors. But if you want the honest, brutal truth, high-carbohydrate diets are the real problem. We’ve entered the fast-food generation, where convenience and temptation have never been greater. Today’s typical diet is laced with sugar, MSG, artificial colours and flavours, chemical fillers, GMO’s, preservatives, additives, trans-fats, and limited amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals. There you have it – South Africa has been hypnotized by the processed food epidemic. And to make matters worse, junk foods are cheaper than healthy foods.

It’s not healthy being overweight, and although for some it is unavoidable, for others, it is optional. When you‘re overweight, you carry a higher-than-average risk of 50 different serious health issues. In fact, excess fat does much more than increase your weight, it compromises your life. A Harvard study that combined data from over 50,000 men and over 120,000 women revealed some sobering statistics about the health effects of being overweight. Below, we’ve listed only a few:

• Asthma
• Body image issues
• Clogged up arteries
• Dementia, including Alzheimer’s
• Eating disorders
• Enlarged fatty liver
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure (hypertension)
• High blood sugar (hyperglycemia)
• Hyperlipidemia (high triglycerides and poor cholesterol levels)
• Kidney disease
• Lethargy
• Mental health disorders
• Metabolic syndrome
• Neuropathy
• Obstructive sleep apnea
• Osteoarthritis (joint pain)
• Pulmonary embolism
• Stroke
• Type-2 diabetes
• Pancreatitis
• Poor blood circulation
• Blood clots
• Back pain
• Vertebral disc disease
• Infertility
• Erectile dysfunction
• Vitamin D deficiency

While it’s normal to have belly fat (visceral fat) to provide cushioning around your organs, real serious problems arise when you have too much visceral fat. Visceral fat is the worst and most dangerous type of body fat. As it slowly creeps in between your organs, the fat releases certain proteins that trigger many of the 21st-century diseases listed above. But that’s not all; this fat increases your risk of developing certain forms of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, gallbladder cancer and prostate cancer. While the cocktail of deadly diseases above is serious issues, the good news is that losing weight can reduce your risk of developing some of these diseases – and Herbex Health can help you do it.

The Importance of Taking Time Off

Are you feeling stressed, overworked, lethargic and emotionally drained? Today, life is stressful. It’s difficult juggling a demanding career, a family with young children and a marriage. We’re all so busy with our hectic daily routines, it’s super easy to forget just how important it is to take time off to relax and ensure our emotional, mental and physical happiness.

When you think about it, how can you develop and nurture healthy relationships with your partner and children if you’re tired and not happy with yourself and your aspirations? Most mothers or single parents often put their lives on hold, and this is where the word “unhealthy” enters the picture. I mean, with everything you’ve got going on, who’s looking after you?

A holiday is as important as sleeping

A holiday from our daily lives is vital. In fact, many doctors believe that a holiday is as important as sleeping. When we’re in a constant state of fight or flight, our adrenals take a knock, and that’s where stress takes a toll on our body’s ability to resist infection, disease, and maintain its primary functions.

But we’re not talking about an extravagant holiday to Mauritius or Seychelles, and neither are we talking about signing up for a yoga retreat in the middle of Mozambique. We’re talking about taking time off and going on a holiday where you can forget about reality, leave your job worries behind, and learn how to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised. Here’s why taking time off matters, not just for you, but for everyone around you.

De-stress and remember you are FREE

Remember when you were a young child going on summer holidays with your folks. Remember that feeling of freedom you felt? It was almost like there was nothing in the world to worry about, except how much fun you would have. Well, for adults, it isn’t all sandcastles and ice-cream. Functioning under a constant burden of stress is pretty much like trying to drive a car with no wheel pressure—and when we do take a break, we find something to stress about. Why, because we’re so used to living in a state of fight or flight we forget that we are free.

As you can see, it’s super easy to forget that priceless feeling of freedom. Unfortunately, when your body is constantly under stress, you’re more likely to become ill. Your anxiety levels skyrocket, your immune system crashes, you struggle with insomnia, and you binge eat to feel better. But what’s even worse is that your adrenals take a huge beating, and this is where real medical issues manifest. Taking time off to de-stress is of vital importance—and just as sleep helps your body and mind heal, so does a holiday.

Evaluate and assess your lifestyle

Although we all need some stress in our lives—just to remind us we’re alive—it’s of vital importance to know where to draw the line. When we take time off, away from our busy lives and routines, it’s always much easier looking in than looking out. We can think about what we want, how we can change things, and what things need changing. Taking time off is a great opportunity to test and assess our lifestyle because when we are in a relaxed state, introspection gives us valuable feedback, giving us confidence, motivation and energy.

Take back your creativity and productivity

Ever heard of brain fog? Also known as mental fatigue, brain fog is a cognitive dysfunction caused by stress. Brain fog can cause memory problems, such as the inability to focus, poor concentration, writer’s block, and it can even affect artistic ability and productivity. Most people suffer from brain fog without even realizing it, which is why taking time off is so vital to clear the mind and find a balance. Few people can be creative under stressful deadlines, but when we‘re at our most relaxed state, brilliant ideas and positive thoughts always emerge. What this tells us is that taking time off is vital, especially for creative’s. A holiday is not only good for brain fog, but it can also be a forceful drive to boosting your career.

As our lives become more demanding, we often work into the ground, and to function better and to lead a healthier lifestyle, we all need and deserve some time off to restore and re-energize our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. And there is no better way to do this than a holiday!

5 Simple Strategies for Sticking to Your Diet Goals

Diet goals… why is it we can never stick to them. And just when we think we’re on a good path to eating right, temptation comes knocking on our door, sending us right back to step one. Sticking to a diet is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s hard. In fact, it’s harder than hard, it’s challenging and gruelling. If you struggle with self-control, overeat or eat as a coping strategy when you’re upset, depressed or bored, then this article is for you! Here are 5 simple strategies for sticking to your diet goals:

#1 Get motivated

Motivation is a key element in our daily lives. It is what drives us, influences us, and keeps us optimistic and going. Motivation is difficult, especially with diet goals. If you want to avoid throwing in the towel, then you need to motivate yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to make a list of why you want to lose weight, and each day, in the morning or at night, read it to yourself to remind yourself that you are doing this, not just for you, but for your partner and your kids. Another motivational factor is to measure your waistline every week, this will get you excited and energised about your weight-loss goals.

#2 See food as energy instead of a luxury

Foremost, we should not eat food to satisfy your taste buds and stomach cravings. Food is like medicine to the body. Just like a car needs the right diesel/energy to keep going, so does your body. But should you put the wrong energy in your car, it will break. Well, the same applies to our bodies. A chocolate or a pastry will not feed your body with the right energy, but a healthy vegetable salad will. As soon as you change your mindset about food, the easier it will be to stick to your diet goals.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

#3 Reduce your plate size

You’ve probably heard about this one from your grandma; it’s an old trick used by serious dieters for many years. Simply pack away those big plates and serve meals on your side plates. After a while, your stomach will shrink and become accustomed to eating less.

#4 Set realistic expectations

One of the greatest strategies for sticking to a diet is to be realistic. Everyone is different, and while some will easily follow through it does not mean they are mentally stronger than you. It just means they have set realistic expectations that are not impossible. At Herbex, we believe that long-term goals can set any dieter up for failure. Pressure and failure can send you right back to where you started, so do yourself a favour and cut yourself some slack. This way you won’t set yourself up for failure.

#5 Get support

There is nothing worse than trying to lose weight on your own. Support is so important, so take the time to join an online support group where you can offload and find inspiration to keep going.

We can’t stress enough the importance of goal setting for living a healthy lifestyle. As one of the leading health and wellness brands on the global market, we also believe that support is vital, which is why we also have our very own slimmer’s support blog. To learn more about our diet programs, products and support blog, chat with us today.

The Cederberg: One of the Top Luxury Holiday Destinations in the Western Cape

Looking for the perfect, romantic and affordable getaway, but on the fence about where you should go? Yes, it’s that time of the year again when everyone is planning their year-end holidays. While you could travel to Knysna, George, or Hermanus, you could also whisk your other half away to one of South Africa’s most prized luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, the Cederberg.

Only two hours from Cape Town – you really don’t have to travel far to experience romance, beauty, and fun. A frontrunner of luxury holiday destinations, the Cederberg is home to some of the most beautiful jaw-dropping landscapes in the country. A peaceful spot where you can experience a romantic getaway, unlike any other, the Cederberg is celebrated as being one of the most beautiful, luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, and here’s why.

The most romantic alfresco accommodation suites

Ever fallen asleep under the stars? Secluded, romantic, and magical, there’s something breathtaking about sleeping alfresco. But we’re not talking about sleeping around a fire in a sleeping bag. We’re talking about resting your head in a natural open-air room in a luxury star bed complemented with white linen. Whether you want your accommodation suite to be completely immersed in Mother Nature, or you only want a view of the stars under a retractable roof—you will fall in love with the open-air rooms in the Cederberg.

Action-packed activities and attractions

A breathtaking luxury holiday destination, hidden deep in the scenic Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape, this little piece of heaven is a place where wildlife can be seen roaming, and where mystical sunsets fade into a star-studded filled sky. Offering both romantics and families a chance to escape the real world and embrace Mother Nature, not only does this luxury holiday destination offer guests the option of sleeping in the most magical way possible, but this little paradise offers more than enough to keep the adventurous occupied, the stressed-out relaxed, and the romantics in love.
Activities and attraction include 4×4 trails, hiking in nature, mountain biking safaris, nature drives, quad bike safaris, reptile and snake tours, rock art tours, and star gazing tours.

Unplug at Kagga Kamma massage and beauty spa

In an age where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug, the Cederberg offers guests the luxury of leaving their virtual world behind, putting their feet up and indulging in some 5-star pampering. Yes, a luxury holiday wouldn’t be luxurious without a spa and Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg offers a 5-star spa that affords guests and couples exclusive revitalising treatments to relax and rejuvenate. Complemented by TheraNaka™ and TheraVine™ products, and an assortment of relaxing and uplifting detoxifying oils, Kagga Kamma spa offers a wide range of massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, tinting, waxing, facials, and eye, hair and scalp treatments.

With the promise of a majestic mountain range filled with roaming wildlife, action-packed adventure activities, wildlife safari tours, and sleeping under the star-studded night skies – it’s no wonder that Cederberg is one of the leading holiday destinations in the Western Cape. In fact, what does this little gem not offer? To find out more about this incredible holiday destination, contact the team at Kagga Kamma today.

Family-Friendly Things To Do In Graaff-Reinet Over the Easter Holidays

Easter is upon us. Sure, you could stay at home and do that ‘Great Big Easter Egg Hunt’ you do every year in your backyard, you could also braai with friends and family (which you do most weekends anyway), catch up on your favourite Netflix series, or get those small things done around the house you’ve had no time to get to.

Every year around Easter, hundreds of visitors round up their kids and go on a road trip along Route 62 to one of the best, oldest holiday towns in South Africa, Graaff-Reinet. Originally established in 1876, Graaff Reinet, in the Karoo, is steeped in history. Not only do stories of the South African Anglo-Boer war carry a particular resonance here, but the surrounding Karoo landscape is a treasure trove of human and dinosaur fossils. But that’s not all this old town has to offer – here are a few of the top things to do with your family in the beautiful Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet.

Take a hike in the Camdeboo National Park

If it’s your mission to tear your kids away from that dreaded computer game that seems to steal them for hours, then pack a delicious lunch, gather the troops and head for an adventurous hike to the top of the Camdeboo National Park. Home to over 215 bird species, 335 types of plants and over 42 mammal species, the Camdeboo National Park is also the old home of the Bushmen where many drawings are still found in caves and on rock cliffs, for all to see. With so much wildlife happily living in their natural habitat, one of the most exciting things about hiking in the Camdeboo National Park is that you never know what you will see. Just keep your camera near you at all times.

Visit the Valley of Desolation

With about 100 000 people visiting the Karoo each year, the Valley of Desolation is the foremost tourist attraction in the region. As a geological phenomenon, this tourist hotspot is a product of the erosive and volcanic forces of nature over a period of billions of years. Fossils of some of the earliest forms have been discovered here, showing that life existed in this region for three billion years. This is one educational outing that will go down in family history so be sure to take many pictures.

Enjoy adventure and fun on the Nqweba Dam

There is no family that does not enjoy spending the day on a dam in a boat with few water toys to make the day even better. Most kids love water and adventure, and what better way to get the kids away from technology than a morning or afternoon of rafting, kayaking or tubing on the Nqweba Dam. Should you be up for some land adventure, then sign up for a family horseback riding tour or a family quad biking tour. Promising your family a chance to escape the world, this gorgeous Karoo town offers entertainment and adventure for everyone of every age.

Your kids will be entertained every day; in fact, a weekend will hardly be enough time to see and do everything!

4 Modern Wall Art Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Space

Looking to bring some life to those bare and boring walls of yours, or are you looking to transform and modernise your space? It’s 2016, which means it’s time to embrace some new interior design trends. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable solution to add life, character, colour and style to your home or business, here are 4 wall art ideas guaranteed to transform your walls.

#1 Advertise or reveal your world with poster prints

Cost-effective and versatile, poster prints will never go out of style, from Andy Warhol, family and pet portraits, landscape holiday moments, and abstract prints to all those little priceless moments in between—poster prints can be used as promotional tools in business marketing and as a window to your world in your living space.

#2 Add originality and style with sticker prints

It’s not always hip to be square so ditch those standard frames and add a little originality and style with sticker prints. Sicker prints, also known as vinyl wall art is a trendy design option that offers style, inspiration, and an enormous sense of humour. From fresh interpretations of fabulousness to philosophical words that inspire to reflective images of Mother Nature—sticker prints make excellent wall art for restaurants, bars, retail outlets, bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, and indoor and outdoor kitchens. A brilliant way of welcoming personality and character into your home or business – pick a painting or an image, a quote or a photograph that holds significance and turns it into a vinyl sticker that will last for years and years.

#3 Add dimension to your walls with 3D wall art

Words, images and portraits are great to look at, but if you’re looking for wall art ideas that can give your space the WOW factor, then turn to 3D wall art. From geometric 3D printed paper sculptures on canvas, box mounted origami, puff paint on canvas, and wood triangular shelves to protruding box framed wooden sculptures that give the illusion of dimension—3D wall art has a way of bursting off your walls as they grab attention.

#4 Turn your wall into a masterpiece with wallpaper

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you want to give your patrons, family, friends, guests or clients something to talk about, wallpaper will do the trick. When most people think about wallpaper, they automatically think of kitsch patterned walls, outdated floral prints and difficult installations and removals. But times have changed and owing to innovation, design and technology—whatever you can imagine can be printed on wallpaper. Decide on the things, colours or places make you happy and use them to transform and add personality to your space. Whether you’re looking to give the illusion of bricks, bring nature into your bedroom, or bring the ocean into your bathroom, do it with wallpaper!

There’s nothing more transformative than a beautifully designed home or office – if you’re looking to add personality and style to your home, spice up your walls with one of our many wall art ideas.

Science-Backed Strategies to Break Those Waistline-Destroying Habits

So, you went on a diet, good for you. But your family is still eating their usual high-everything meals which they expect you to provide. You know it will be hard, but you also know that if you don’t follow your diet regimen, you will fail miserably. It’s difficult following a diet, especially when doing it alone. Here are some of the most effective, science-backed strategies to help you break those waistline-destroying habits.

Eating out or ordering in

Sometimes life gets in the way and along come the kids, begging to go to their favourite fast-food, takeout for their favourite pizza or burger and fries. There’s no doubt that kids love to eat out or order in, which is why you need to find the discipline within yourself to either order a salad or remove yourself completely from the dinner table as soon as the pizza arrives. It may be hard at first, but once you see a difference in your body weight, it becomes easier and easier.

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Nutrition-less carbohydrate, also known as the silent killer, sugar is at least eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar is in everything, from sauces, pastries, cakes, bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta to cereals. That white stuff you love to hate has zero nutritional value, no vitamins, no minerals, no enzymes and no fibre. It is empty and sinister, with side-effects that lead to chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases. Sugar not only alters the bodies pH levels, creating the perfect breeding ground for disease, but it also goes straight to your abdomen, turning into visceral fat, which is the worst, most dangerous fat on the body.

What many people don’t realise is that when we put ourselves on a healthy eating plan, we often have sugar cravings, which is normal. Instead of giving in to them, rather choose healthy and natural sugars. Keep some carob, cacao and dark chocolate in a cupboard for those days when you just can’t say no. Instead of caving into refined sugary foods, choose only healthy sugars, which will not go straight to your abdomen. Alkaline fruits are excellent to eat while you’re on a healthy kick. Once you remove all carbs/sugar from your diet, your body will recognise natural sugars for its vitamins, minerals and nutrients and will stop it around your abdomen as it does with refined sugars.

Old habits die hard

Did you know that we make over 200 choices with food every day? No matter how disciplined you might be about your healthy food regimen, I think we can all agree that old habits die hard. But willpower isn’t always the culprit – it’s also your brain’s fault. Your brain has been trained to enjoy hot chocolate while you watch Sewende Laan and a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps while you watch the Bachelorette. Instead of giving in, change your environment for a few days, so you’ll have no option but to eat healthier.
Another option would be to munch only on healthy snacks when watching your favourite shows. Get some healthy snack ideas, such as hummus and carrot sticks, biltong, little red cherry tomatoes, and nuts and raisins.

Remember, it’s not about willpower, it’s about how you’ve trained your mind, so don’t feel despondent if you break your diet. You are strong and you have the willpower, and you can do it.

8 Ways a Retail Kiosk can Boost Revenue and Build Buzz for Your Brand

Today, running any retail business is tough, and while branding strategies have evolved over the years, two things that haven’t changed are competition and brand awareness. Yes, your brand is your biggest selling point, which is why it needs as much exposure as it can get, and whether you’re a small, start-up trying to get your brand out on the streets, a large retailer desperately trying to market new products or a mall trying to attract shoppers and boost revenue – it’s time you embraced the future of retail with modular retail kiosks.

A unique, sophisticated and intelligent hybrid marketing genius

A hybrid marketing genius that is unique, sophisticated and intelligent, retail kiosks have become a booming trend that has revolutionized the typical brick and mortar shopping experience. A Shopfront display that has grown beyond fashion to encompass food, makeup, books, and art – enabling hundreds of small businesses to get off the ground – these modern retail & shopping kiosks are the future of retail.

A one-stop shop that blends retail with event marketing, the role of retail kiosks is not new, with brands and retailers utilising them in increasingly innovative ways. A fully flexible, modular option for in-line retail activities that boasts full-colour interchangeable lightweight prints, LCD screens, hanging solutions, shelves, and digital tablet enclosures, these popular marketing superstars come in all standard configurations and can be added to, or broken up into sections, to suit your mall-space or tenant needs. Here are 8 ways a retail kiosk can boost revenue and build buzz for your brand.

#1 Markets merchandise around a season, sale, or holiday
#2 Tests new products or concepts
#3 Enhances customer buying experience through personal interaction
#4 Encourages the spontaneous purchase of merchandise
#5 Increases customer base and brand extension
#6 Generates brand exposure and boosts sales
#7 Facilitates the collection of leads, feedback, and loyalty programs
#8 Cost effective with low overheads

A ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ temporary to permanent kiosk – creating unique, memorable 3D experiences aligned with the brand’s values – a retail kiosk is a short-term investment for what could be a long-term gain. The newest trend in guerrilla marketing to hit the streets nationwide, a modular retail kiosk has proven to be an effective prizewinning marketing tool that can be strategically placed just about anywhere.

Mimicking exclusive modern showrooms that bridge the online and offline gap, not only do these master showrooms have the power to draw attention from the crowds, generate brand buzz, create opportunities for marketers, and ultimately, boost higher sales, but these sleek, simple, portable, cost-effective and interactive marketing superstars are also the perfect avenue to take any business on the road and make flash appearances.