Sandton Yesterday and Today: The History of the Richest Square Mile in Africa

After a lifestyle that only a few in the world can afford to afford? Stretching across 51.68 square miles and north of Johannesburg city centre—above Melrose Arch and to the right of Randburg, Sandton is the wealthiest square mile on the African continent. Synonymous with currency, extravagance and privilege, Sandton is the suburb where the well-heeled live, work, invest and play. However, this comfortable suburb was not always swimming in wealth.

Taking its name from Bryanston and Sandown, Sandton has come a far way since middle stone-age hunters arrived around 30,000 years ago. Then 20,000 years later, the ancestors of the San tribe crossed the plains of Sandton. Four centuries later, Bantu tribes brought the iron age, introducing an agriculture and metalwork economy. Fast forward 120 years to when the richest goldfield on earth was discovered, and then to the Great Depression of the 1930s, which saw an influx of Voortrekkers and Europeans, leading to farming and rapid urban development.

From rural beginnings to Manhattan-style skyscrapers

In 1969, Sandton declared its municipality and opened its doors as a town in 1973. From that moment, Sandton, the sleepy village with sandy horse trails and green open pastures, never looked back as it became Johannesburg’s premier commercial expansion point. Today, Sandton, with its Manhattan-style skyscrapers, palatial homes, trendy eateries, fast cars, designer boutiques and residents that look like they made their millions in BIG Tech, is home to 10% of Fortune 500s listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

One of SA’s most inspiring development success stories

Giving Umhlanga, in the north of Durban, and Cape Towns’ Bantry Bay and Clifton a run for its money—Sandton is one of South Africa’s most inspiring development success stories. Sandton is today a tale of an awe-inspiring journey. Famed for its power and wealth and proudly built from the ground up almost half a century ago, Sandton has more money per city block than any other African city. Today, the metropolis is not only home to the finest financial and legal consultants, the largest blue-chip companies, most influential investment banks, and the biggest convention centre in Africa. Sandton is also home to a rising number of affluent locals and internationals.

The ideal hood for those who desire a safe, fast, high-flying lifestyle

Sandton may be the heart of big business in South Africa, but the people, the lifestyle, the fashion, the shopping, and the nightlife are just as appealing. As the most fashionable and desirable suburb in Johannesburg, home to retirees, families, and those in Big Tech living the high life, it is only natural this luxury suburb offers the highest level of convenience.

A melting pot of cultures from all over the world—filled with buzz and energy, this high-heel village is only a stone throw away from fancy side-walk cafes, art galleries, 5-star eateries, exclusive designer boutiques, and chic craft and gin bars. It boasts clinics and private hospitals, and it is home to some of the best private schools in the country. Sandton is the ideal hood for those who desire a safe, fast, high-flying lifestyle with the beauty of nature all around.

The Trendiest Suburb with the Best Quality of Life

As the financial district in Gauteng and South Africa, this top-tier suburb boasts exclusive gated residential estates, affluent cluster developments, modern red-carpet apartment complexes with opulent penthouses, and the most glamorous and extravagant mansions in the world. Ticking every box and more in terms of indulgence, architecture, space, features, and unparalleled security—this is one neighbourhood where young children skateboard and ride their bicycles and where residents sleep peacefully at night.

A Mecca for Investors

A postal code of envy—and one every property investor wants to add to their property portfolio, Sandton is not just the Manhattan of Johannesburg for families, executives and retirees who enjoy the finer things in life. It is the Mecca for investors looking for excellent ROIs. Unlike a financial investment that can park for years, property investments in this suburb vaunt high short and long-term rental opportunities that guarantee a stable income stream. As a valuable asset/investment that keeps growing and growing, investing in this trendy hood means you are either creating future wealth or securing a passive income.

You do not have to be a millionaire to live in Sandton

Johannesburg may thrive with millionaires—but it has plenty of affordable property options. Cementing its position as the most significant financial sector in South Africa and providing a perfect balance of exquisite real estate in a prime location, Sandton is a magnet for those wanting to be in the middle of it all.

Property prices have dropped by 12%, with the cost of renting versus buying swinging very much in favour of buying. Whether after a grand family home with security that will put the Hawks to shame, a palatial penthouse with breathtaking city views, a second holiday or business property, or an investment property that can yield high returns, turn to the property specialists at Tyson Properties.