Skudu Match—A New Era in Grain Marketing

As a farmer, you no longer need to struggle to sell your harvest. You can now sell directly to buyers through the use of a Smartphone App called Skudu Match.

A new era in grain marketing / revolutionizing how farmers execute their grain marketing decision, Skudu Match is a FREE App that runs on a cash market. Selling and buying take only four easy steps.

1. The First Step is to create Scouts: This is where you will list your location and planned crop, and buyers list their location and desired produce to purchase. Skudu Match will then create an algorithm that permanently matches your scout to a nationwide network of eligible buyers who need your produce.

2. The Second Step is to create a Lot: Here you will provide the market with the finer details and specifics about your harvest and exchange. To create a Lot, you will be required to tell the market about the 5 Ps and 2 Qs. They are for example:

Product: Yellow Maize, wheat, or soya beans etc)
Position of availability: Ex silo, Bultfontein
Period of availability: 1 July 2021 to 31 July 2021
Price: R per ton of R per basis.
Payment terms: Payment after proof of payment
Quality: YM1
Quantity: 200 Metric tons

Skudu will then use this data to create algorithms that match the timing between Farmer and Buyer.

3. The Third Step is Negotiation: Once matched to prospects, you will be required to negotiate the 5 P’s and 2 Q’s until you have a perfect Skudu Match. Only then will you and the buyer reveal identities to each other.

4. The Last Step is where you and the buyer sign a contract.

With predictions showing that Africa will need to produce more food by 2050, the race is on to find solutions that will transform the selling and buying of agricultural produce.

If there was ever a time for a FREE App that links South African farmers and buyers to each other—the time is NOW. Free and easy to use—Skudu Match provides visibility which makes scouting easy for buyers. It puts South African farmers on a level playing field where numerous buyers can access their products.

Start selling or buying by simply downloading the application.