Gap Cover: The Product to Save You and Your Family from Life-Changing Debt

What would you do if your child needed open-heart surgery or your partner suddenly came down with COVID-19 and suffered a collapsed lung—but your medical aid only covered up to 30% to 40% of the bill, leaving you to pay out of our pocket? Most South Africans would have to sell their home, vehicle, and even their business to cover the remaining costs.

Medical cover is a brilliant Safety Net—but if you have a high-risk child or partner, you will need Gap Cover. Medical procedures can run into hundreds of thousands. But Gap Cover is the only invaluable safety net covering the shortfall between what medical schemes pay and what specialist doctor’s charge. For only a few cappuccinos a month, Gap Cover is the most intelligent and most affordable way to get the best possible treatment for your loved ones—and avoid crippling debt from medical aid shortfalls.

Patrick sleeps well, knowing Gap Cover will cover his son’s heart surgery and hospital costs

Gap Cover has been a saving grace to millions of South Africans. Just ask Patrick Botha, an architect, dad and provider to three teenage boys. Patrick worked hard to keep his family medically covered, especially his youngest son, born with one kidney and a rare heart condition. Patrick could not bear the thought of not being able to afford heart surgery should his son need it.

To bridge the financial gap, which would have come out of pocket, Patrick took out a Family Gap Cover Policy that only cost around 10-cappuccinos’ a month. Patrick can now sleep peacefully because he knows that if and when his son needs surgery—their family Gap Cover policy will cover 100% of all the costs, protecting the boy’s university funds.

Gap Cover saved Fatima from selling her assets to pay for spinal surgery and physiotherapy

Similarly, Fatima never thought she would ever find herself in the ICU with a fractured spine and a couple of broken ribs, without the possibility of walking again. Fatima Damoes, a mother of a two-year-old daughter, was in a car accident that left her needing emergency spinal surgery along with additional facial surgeries and physiotherapy for the following year. The costs would have crippled them. Fortunately, Fatima’s husband took out a Gap Cover policy when their daughter was born, allowing them to cover the shortfall that ran into hundreds of thousands.

Gap Cover is a product you’ve never heard of that can ensure the best medical insurance without having to dig into your finances. If you have a child or partner with an underlining medical condition, invest in Gap Cover—but first, let us help you compare quotes in minutes.