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Industrial Wastewater Treatment: From Waste to Resource

As the scarcity of water becomes a more pressing issue and with rising concerns over the environment and the stringent compliance, legislative and environmental regulations against discharge and pollution—industries are under increasing pressure to recycle and reuse their water. Water—the most fundamental of natural resources—is running out. And not just in South Africa, but also […]

Hijacking in SA: How to avoid becoming a hijacking victim

You’ve had a tough day at the office. You pull into your driveway—and suddenly there’s a man pointing a 9mm bullet at your head. You’re being hijacked. Vehicle crime is a grim reality on South Africa’s roads. According to Statistics released by the SAPS, one motorist is hijacked every 32 minutes in the country. The […]

Managing Events: Concept to Execution

Event Planner would love to help you plan, design, co-ordinate your upcoming business event or private event. From the planning, branding, compliance, production, and activation to coordination—we do it all! Have you been scouring Google for a unique, elegant venue in Johannesburg, complemented with a dance floor and an assemblage of dazzling event swag? Or […]