Your Questions Answered About Borehole Pump Installations

Considering installing a borehole on your property as a source of drinking water, irrigation or for industrial use? Notwithstanding our current drought, it’s become clear we can no longer rely on many of our local municipalities to deliver clean, safe water. Many industries, communities, residential homes and private organisations throughout South Africa have turned to borehole pump installations for their water needs. Whether for domestic or business use, if you’re interested in a borehole installed, but have some concerns regarding what it involves and how they work—we’ve answered some questions about installations and how they can benefit you.

Can anyone install a borehole pump?

Accumulated from rainfall and underground springs—did you know that there are billions of cubic metres of fresh groundwater right under our feet? Whether for ecological or financial reasons, as one of the most underutilised water resources hidden from the threat of evaporation, anyone can install a borehole and extract up to 20,000 litres of water a day, without having to ask permission.

How long does a borehole pump installation take?

Comprising of a narrow vertical or horizontal shaft bored into the ground with a large diameter casing that allows for the installation of a pump, borehole pumps supply suction to draw the water from the ground. While a skilled and experienced borehole drilling contractor will complete the drilling of the borehole in a matter of hours, a borehole installation can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

Ultimately, the duration of the drilling and installation will depend on the compressor used. But foremost, capacity, quality tests, and the surrounding geology and subsurface conditions will need to be assessed. Once completed and approved, the installation will begin.

How Much Does a Borehole Pump Installation Cost?

Dependent on the pump used, the depth of the borehole, and the amount of water required for extraction, a typical domestic borehole pump installation can cost anywhere around R25, 000 and more. However, when utilising your own underground water from your own private supply, apart from the pump, drilling costs, and the bit of electricity used to power your borehole pump, you will notice enormous savings each month. But most importantly, you will have water.

Easing water shortages, one home, business, hospital, clinic, school and community at a time, a borehole pump installation is an economical and environmental long-term solution that can offer unlimited access to thousands of litres of clean water a day, for FREE.