Valentine Shopfront Display Ideas for the Entire Month of Love!

Now that your small kiosk business has recovered from the manic Christmas-New-Year’s season, are you ready for the most romantic month of the year? Representing a celebration of love and affection, the month of February offers retailers an opportunity to kick it into high-gear and rocket their sales. But if you don’t have a marketing campaign planned for the most romantic month of the year, here are some ideas to enhance your Shopfront display… not only on Valentine’s Day but for the whole month of love.

#1 Be a beacon of love and light up your kiosk with a lightbox

Your Shopfront display is your brand and since there are so many marketing dollars vying for your customers’ attention, your campaign will need to outshine your competitors. And a brilliant way to do this is to light up your kiosk with a lightbox. A marketing superstar that can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, freestanding or positioned to best fit your mall kiosk – whether you’re selling books, clothing, tools, fragrances, chocolates or jewellery – a lightbox is an excellent way to be creative and show your naughty or playful side.

#2 Put Cupid to work with a “We Love Our Customers” promotion

All businesses love their customers (well, most of them anyway), but for customers to believe you care, your efforts must come out of authenticity. So show them how much they mean to you by doing something extra unique this month. Whether you dress an employee as Cupid, offer a special service like gift wrapping, give your customers a gift with every purchase or hand out candy or chocolates, your customers won’t forget how you made this month extra special for them.

#3 Sell Your Brand with a story

Amidst all the cupid-fuelled chaos, be super creative and authentic to get noticed, and if you want to make your customers fall in love with your brand, then sell your brand with a story. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or any other special event, many retailers believe cramming their kiosk with loads of items offers a choice. But what they really offer is the opportunity for shoppers to get overwhelmed and leave. Rather keep your Shopfront display clean and simple by engaging the imagination of your customers with both a theme that showcases your personal identity and the occasion. Whether you want to keep your Shopfront display playful, cute or naughty, an emotive display that tells a story can easily invite curiosity and appeal to your target market.

#4 Don’t forget about your employees

Behind every successful business, you will always find happy employees that love what they do – and we all know that happy employees lead to happy customers. Your customers are much more likely to feel ‘loved’ by your business when your employees do, too. But this doesn’t just happen by chance, you need to show your appreciation, and there is no better way to put a smile on everyone’s face than by spoiling your employees too.

Your brand is everything and in today’s aggressive and competitive marketplace, small business owners need to pull out all the stops – and a great place to start is with your mall kiosk Shopfront display. While these ideas may be Valentine-centric – with a few tweaks here and there, you can use them for just about any special occasion!