3 Designer Couches That Will Last Forever!

One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to curl up and relax on a cosy couch. Whether it’s black, blue, white, cream or upholstered in floral bouquet, they say that buying a couch is a bit like getting married: you fall in love, you move in together, and a decade later you’re still happily living together. But buying a couch that will stand the test of time is harder than it seems. To be sure of a long and satisfying relationship, you need to choose your couch wisely.

Choose a style that complements your personality and lifestyle

Originating from the 1900’s modernist movement, modern designer couches are the ideal option to enhance the appeal and image of any contemporary interior, office or home – and they do it well. A major investment, not only is it where you lounge, nap, entertain, and watch television with your family and loved one, but it’s also has a substantial effect on the room’s overall style, which is why you need to get the style right.

#1 The trendy mid-century loveseat

It should come as no surprise that mid-century modern is all the rage today. A rising trend among urban loft living fashionista’s, businesses and modern homes throughout South Africa, these timeless pieces are all about symmetry and minimalist designs. Constructed with modern lightweight materials and fashioned in the finest variety of art deco fabric, vinyl and leathers, paired with contemporary décor, the mid-century loveseat can look glamorous just about anywhere you put it.

#2 The timeless Chesterfield

A timeless couch, known as the “Lord of all Couches”, Chesterfields are a style icon that symbolises a significant type of wealth and status. An elegant way to bring a sense of solidity and tradition – Chesterfields are just as desirable and stylish today as they were in the 18th century. Fêted for their quilted or tufted back, arms or seating, a Chesterfield is to furniture what Cartier is to watches. A style that never seems to outdate, Chesterfields can be found upholstered in a wide range of top quality luxury leathers that come in just about every shade.

#3 The space-saving modular sectional

A trend among businesses, beach houses, loft apartments, golf estates, and many traditional homes throughout South Africa, modern sectionals, also known as ‘space savers’, are ideal for those who need maximum seating in large or small spaces. So much more than just beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, these space-savers have the command to make any small or large room feel comfortable and look expensive. A multi-piece couch that allows you to create both L- and U-shape configurations, these gorgeous designer couches can be found with additional add-on pieces such as armrests, one or even two recliners, an ottoman, a chaise lounge, an extendable footrest, and hidden storage space.

Make a style statement with designer couches from Riverwalk Trading

While staying true to modernism and showcasing Italian inspired designs that suggest the future yet hint the past – our Italian designer couches can be proudly found in high-end homes and businesses throughout South Africa.

Designed with the latest innovations and manufactured using the most sophisticated, modern lightweight and durable materials such as top-grade stainless steel finishes, leathers, vinyl and art deco textiles – our designer couches are timeless, classic and contemporary, all in one.