The Top 2 South African Sustainable Trends in Garden Design

South Africa is amid a serious drought – things are so bad that just about every part of South Africa is under strict water restrictions. Many businesses, commercial developments and homeowners have had to turn to more sustainable ways of keeping their outdoor space green, polished, productive and functional.

Yes, South Africa is fast witnessing a growing trend towards sustainable landscape design – not only will it reduce your monthly energy and water bill, but it will also reduce your environmental impact. If you’re looking for a garden design that doesn’t require much water and one that is also low in maintenance, take a look at the top two sustainable trends currently dominating South African garden design.

#1 Reduce your water and energy bills with an indigenous garden

Having witnessed a growing trend towards greener living – everyone is talking about a more sustainable lifestyle with a landscape that is low-maintenance and kind to the environment. A garden design that embraces natural materials, organic fertilizers, water-wise solutions, and drought-resistant indigenous plants, flowers, trees and shrubs—this garden design is pest-resistant and maintenance free, making it a lot easier to care for. And it’s perfect for Johannesburg weather!

#2 Grow your own edibles on a living green wall

Everyone dreams of a beautiful garden thriving with delicious organic edibles and colourful ornamentals to enjoy all year round. If your property is smack-bang in the middle of the city, you’ve probably long given up on growing your own edibles. But you do not have to live in the country to grow all your own greens. It can easily be done in the city by creating a living, vertical green wall.

A rising trend in urban lifestyle living, vertical green walls have become the hottest trend in South African landscape design. City dwellers throughout Johannesburg and South Africa are becoming quite inventive and innovative in the garden and vertical, living green walls are an excellent way to grow and showcase herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and ornamentals. Secure wooden or plastic planter boxes with hooks to your wall and grow and showcase all your favourite edibles. Requiring little water, not only are these ECO-walls easy and aesthetically attractive, but they also help to improve air quality.