The Importance of Taking Time Off

Are you feeling stressed, overworked, lethargic and emotionally drained? Today, life is stressful. It’s difficult juggling a demanding career, a family with young children and a marriage. We’re all so busy with our hectic daily routines, it’s super easy to forget just how important it is to take time off to relax and ensure our emotional, mental and physical happiness.

When you think about it, how can you develop and nurture healthy relationships with your partner and children if you’re tired and not happy with yourself and your aspirations? Most mothers or single parents often put their lives on hold, and this is where the word “unhealthy” enters the picture. I mean, with everything you’ve got going on, who’s looking after you?

A holiday is as important as sleeping

A holiday from our daily lives is vital. In fact, many doctors believe that a holiday is as important as sleeping. When we’re in a constant state of fight or flight, our adrenals take a knock, and that’s where stress takes a toll on our body’s ability to resist infection, disease, and maintain its primary functions.

But we’re not talking about an extravagant holiday to Mauritius or Seychelles, and neither are we talking about signing up for a yoga retreat in the middle of Mozambique. We’re talking about taking time off and going on a holiday where you can forget about reality, leave your job worries behind, and learn how to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised. Here’s why taking time off matters, not just for you, but for everyone around you.

De-stress and remember you are FREE

Remember when you were a young child going on summer holidays with your folks. Remember that feeling of freedom you felt? It was almost like there was nothing in the world to worry about, except how much fun you would have. Well, for adults, it isn’t all sandcastles and ice-cream. Functioning under a constant burden of stress is pretty much like trying to drive a car with no wheel pressure—and when we do take a break, we find something to stress about. Why, because we’re so used to living in a state of fight or flight we forget that we are free.

As you can see, it’s super easy to forget that priceless feeling of freedom. Unfortunately, when your body is constantly under stress, you’re more likely to become ill. Your anxiety levels skyrocket, your immune system crashes, you struggle with insomnia, and you binge eat to feel better. But what’s even worse is that your adrenals take a huge beating, and this is where real medical issues manifest. Taking time off to de-stress is of vital importance—and just as sleep helps your body and mind heal, so does a holiday.

Evaluate and assess your lifestyle

Although we all need some stress in our lives—just to remind us we’re alive—it’s of vital importance to know where to draw the line. When we take time off, away from our busy lives and routines, it’s always much easier looking in than looking out. We can think about what we want, how we can change things, and what things need changing. Taking time off is a great opportunity to test and assess our lifestyle because when we are in a relaxed state, introspection gives us valuable feedback, giving us confidence, motivation and energy.

Take back your creativity and productivity

Ever heard of brain fog? Also known as mental fatigue, brain fog is a cognitive dysfunction caused by stress. Brain fog can cause memory problems, such as the inability to focus, poor concentration, writer’s block, and it can even affect artistic ability and productivity. Most people suffer from brain fog without even realizing it, which is why taking time off is so vital to clear the mind and find a balance. Few people can be creative under stressful deadlines, but when we‘re at our most relaxed state, brilliant ideas and positive thoughts always emerge. What this tells us is that taking time off is vital, especially for creative’s. A holiday is not only good for brain fog, but it can also be a forceful drive to boosting your career.

As our lives become more demanding, we often work into the ground, and to function better and to lead a healthier lifestyle, we all need and deserve some time off to restore and re-energize our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. And there is no better way to do this than a holiday!