The Top 6 Must-Have Makeup Brushes in Your Makeup Kit

If you ‘re a professional makeup artist, your makeup kit is an essential part of your everyday life. Just like your portfolio, your kit is something that should constantly change and expand, as what you do or don’t have in your kit can be the difference between an amateur and an expert. But buying the right brushes is not as easy as your ABCs, so to help you complete your makeup kit, we’ve listed the top makeup brush must-haves.

#1 The foundation brush

Guaranteed to be your best friend, the foundation brush can apply any foundation, from liquid to crème. Starting from the centre and working outwards, the unique shape of this brush can do wonders for a flawless finish, offering total coverage. Your makeup kit will not be complete without one.

#2 The angled blush-brush

Great for contouring and defining, the blusher brush is designed to be angled and soft. Used to apply blusher and bronzer across the apples of the cheeks, a quality blusher brush must blend instead of picking up colour as it sweeps across the skin.

#3 The eye shadow brush

You can have the best brand of eye shadow, but if you don’t have the right brush, it will look shoddy and cheap. An eye shadow brush is perfect for blending in your eye shadow along the crease of your lids.

#4 The brow brush and comb

As the name suggests, a brow brush is designed to smooth your brows down and get unwanted mascara clumps out of your lashes. It’s also used for separating eyelashes and taming both rogue lashes and brows.

#5 The powder brush or Kabuki

Typically, short, this is the monster brush of your makeup kit. As the most common of all brushes, used to apply face powder flawlessly in a sweeping circular motion, the Kabuki is a must-have in the world of makeup artistry.

#6 The smudge brush

As the coveted Smokey eye never seems to go out of fashion, this is a brush you will use daily. Thanks to its super soft bristles, a smudge brush helps to get that smouldering look as you smudge away. Never leave home without it!

A makeup brush set is one of the top essentials to all professional makeup kits. The aim of a makeup artist is to apply makeup in such a way it looks like your client was born that way and the right set of professional makeup brushes can help you achieve that flawless professional look.