Science-Backed Strategies to Break Those Waistline-Destroying Habits

So, you went on a diet, good for you. But your family is still eating their usual high-everything meals which they expect you to provide. You know it will be hard, but you also know that if you don’t follow your diet regimen, you will fail miserably. It’s difficult following a diet, especially when doing it alone. Here are some of the most effective, science-backed strategies to help you break those waistline-destroying habits.

Eating out or ordering in

Sometimes life gets in the way and along come the kids, begging to go to their favourite fast-food, takeout for their favourite pizza or burger and fries. There’s no doubt that kids love to eat out or order in, which is why you need to find the discipline within yourself to either order a salad or remove yourself completely from the dinner table as soon as the pizza arrives. It may be hard at first, but once you see a difference in your body weight, it becomes easier and easier.

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Nutrition-less carbohydrate, also known as the silent killer, sugar is at least eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar is in everything, from sauces, pastries, cakes, bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta to cereals. That white stuff you love to hate has zero nutritional value, no vitamins, no minerals, no enzymes and no fibre. It is empty and sinister, with side-effects that lead to chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases. Sugar not only alters the bodies pH levels, creating the perfect breeding ground for disease, but it also goes straight to your abdomen, turning into visceral fat, which is the worst, most dangerous fat on the body.

What many people don’t realise is that when we put ourselves on a healthy eating plan, we often have sugar cravings, which is normal. Instead of giving in to them, rather choose healthy and natural sugars. Keep some carob, cacao and dark chocolate in a cupboard for those days when you just can’t say no. Instead of caving into refined sugary foods, choose only healthy sugars, which will not go straight to your abdomen. Alkaline fruits are excellent to eat while you’re on a healthy kick. Once you remove all carbs/sugar from your diet, your body will recognise natural sugars for its vitamins, minerals and nutrients and will stop it around your abdomen as it does with refined sugars.

Old habits die hard

Did you know that we make over 200 choices with food every day? No matter how disciplined you might be about your healthy food regimen, I think we can all agree that old habits die hard. But willpower isn’t always the culprit – it’s also your brain’s fault. Your brain has been trained to enjoy hot chocolate while you watch Sewende Laan and a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps while you watch the Bachelorette. Instead of giving in, change your environment for a few days, so you’ll have no option but to eat healthier.
Another option would be to munch only on healthy snacks when watching your favourite shows. Get some healthy snack ideas, such as hummus and carrot sticks, biltong, little red cherry tomatoes, and nuts and raisins.

Remember, it’s not about willpower, it’s about how you’ve trained your mind, so don’t feel despondent if you break your diet. You are strong and you have the willpower, and you can do it.