Professional Makeup Tips, Tricks and Techniques Every Woman Should Know

Love staying on trend with all the latest makeup tips, tricks and techniques? If you’ve always wanted to do a professional make-up course but were unable to squeeze it into your busy study schedule, you’ve found the right blog.

Get rid of facial redness with eye drops

Red blotches on the face can be pretty hard to cover, which is why most women end up using way more foundation than what they need to, giving them that chalked Kardashian look. But we’ve got a great tip for getting rid of all types of redness, even redness caused by pimples. Simply use eye drops. It’s easy as that. Visine eye drops carry a powerful ingredient that constricts the blood vessels in the eyes, but when used on the face, it removes redness. Squeeze some onto a piece of cotton wool and dab your pimples or the red patches and it will remove the redness in a snap of a finger.

Apply your cream highlighter underneath your foundation and not on top

Having made contouring a huge global trend – the Kardashians never leave home without contouring – and they always look 100% flawless. So what’s their trick? Half of the trick is to apply the cream highlighter/blusher/bronzer underneath the foundation, and the other half is to apply only a thin layer of foundation on top. You want the contouring and foundation to look natural. You want to be able to see your warm pink cheeks under the foundation.

Learn to master the colour wheel

Many women get their colours wrong, and we can hardly blame them. Possibly one of the greatest makeup techniques is to be able to identify undertones and to know how to cancel them out using the colour wheel. Here’s how it works: opposite colours such as red and green cancel each other out. So if you’re struggling with a red face and have no eye drops, then you would hide it best by using a green toned foundation. Google the colour wheel chart, and start learning how to identify undertones and hide those imperfections the right way.

Grow back those over-plucked brows by using castor oil

Every woman over-plucks her brows. In fact, some go so far that they remove their entire hairline. Oh yes, it happens all the time. But it’s okay because they grow back. However, should you want them to grow a little faster, make sure to dab them with castor oil every night before you go to bed? Rich in ricinoleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids, not only is castor oil used for growth and inflammation, but it is also used widely in the alternative medical therapy world.