Lunchtime Lipo: The Latest Contender in the Arena of Face and Body Fat Removal

Imagine popping out of the office during your lunch break and heading down to your local aesthetician for a quick spot of Lipo treatment and then returning to work the next day? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s all possible with minimally invasive Ultra Z Lunchtime Lipo treatment. With the latest revolutionary fat and cellulite blasting technology of Ultra Z laser Lipo treatment, anyone can achieve slimmer buttocks and tighter stomach, thighs and underarms in just over an hour. Here’s how this revolutionary procedure works.

Ultra Z uses Micro-bubble Technology

A refined revolutionary procedure similar to traditional liposuction minus the anaesthesia, blood, stitches and hospital stay, Ultra Z Lipo treatment has witnessed an enormous surge in popularity and is the latest and the greatest contender in the arena of minimally-invasive face and body fat removal.

By making one painless minuscule incision, the esthetician will insert a high ultrasonic energy probe beneath the skin which gets to work by emulsifying and removing fatty tissues through micro-bubble technology. After the procedure, the laser seals off the blood vessels prompting your body to release collagen, a natural substance responsible for giving the skin strength and elasticity. The more collagen you have, the tighter and firmer your skin will be. This is especially beneficial to women over 40s that want to give the appearance of a youthful, contoured and firmer look.

A quick look at the benefits

If you’re looking for a Lipo treatment that is more effective than surgical liposuction, this is the perfect procedure for you. Ultra Z can target tiny problem areas that surgical liposuction cannot reach, such as the face, neck, arms, bra line, back, belly, buttocks and thighs. Where surgical liposuction leaves behind sagging or drooping skin, Ultra Z Lunchtime Lipo treatment tightens the skin and contours the body, leaving no excess skin to feel embarrassed about. Possibly the greatest benefit of all is that this Lipo treatment kills fat cells permanently. The results are permanent. Once performed, the removed fat cells will not create new fat cells ever again.

Toning and losing fat around certain areas isn’t easy. It can feel like a never-ending losing battle, which is why Ultra Z Lipo treatment is the perfect choice for those who want to lose fat quickly and permanently. You’re guaranteed to walk out after the 1-hour feeling confident, slimmer and sexier than ever before.