Lights, Camera and Action! About Becoming a Fantasy Makeup Artist

Are you someone who loves the spotlight, but also working in the spotlight? Yes, we mean the fashion, commercials and movie industry. Essential to the TV, film, theatre and fashion world, fantasy makeup artists, also known as special effects makeup artists, make models look like zombies, brides look like Godzilla, and actors look anything but the part they are playing. If you’re a natural and think you’ve got what it takes to land yourself in the spotlight, then a behind-the-scenes career as a fashion, theatre, commercial or movie makeup artist might be just the thing for you.

Anything is possible when you’re a fantasy makeup artist

Foremost, a fantasy makeup artist ensures that actors are camera ready. They help the writers and directors tell the story. The hours are crazy, and you’ll spend most of your day and night mimicking effects that range from period drama makeup, ageing makeup, bruises, wounds and other injuries that require elaborate fantasy prosthetics. Fantasy makeup artists have their jobs cut out for them – but it’s not all work and no play. This is a very exciting and lucrative career with many local and international opportunities that include credits.

South Africa’s film and commercial industry is thriving

As a country in the business of making movies that cost half as much as they look, South Africa’s film and commercial industry are thriving, with both local and international production companies using local resources and hiring local crew. With movies shot in South Africa that range from Invictus, Blood Diamond, Lord of War, Black Sails, District 9, Safehouse, 10, 000 BC. Dredd, Resident Evil, Momentum, and The Lost Future to Blue Crush and so many more – there has never been a better time to get into special effects than right now.

This is an exciting career where you get paid top dollar and get travel and expand your creative skills. If you have the passion, creativity, drive, talent, and your fingers on all the latest fashion-forward makeup styles and trends, then you need to look at the short and long special effects fantasy courses at Face to Face Make and Beauty School.