How Trauma Therapy Can Heal the Wounds of the Past

Did you know that over 10 Percent of South Africans have been touched by trauma, in some way or another? A strong, continual negative emotional response to an extraordinarily stressful event that shatters your sense of self, making you feel helpless, anxious and depressed, trauma can put the brakes on life. Often, in very harmful ways.

A type of damage to the mind and body’s natural equilibrium that occurs as a result of a severely distressed nervous system, trauma surpasses one’s ability to cope with everyday life. Not only can trauma make it difficult to enjoy life, but it can manifest itself as physical pain or disease. Here’s how trauma therapy can heal the wounds of the past, and give you the gift of the present and future.


Trauma therapy is the most effective form of healing the wounds of the past. But many patients who suffer from trauma struggle to admit, recognise or even accept their past. It’s hard to re-live something that you so badly want to forget, but learning from the experience can help to heal your emotional pain. The first step to healing is acknowledgement. It is about acknowledging the pain inflicted upon you, embracing it, and accepting that you are no longer a victim. In trauma therapy, your therapist will help you open up, at your own pace, and without judgement.

Learn to let go of negative emotions

Just because you acknowledge your experience and pain, doesn’t mean you agree with it. Taking back your power is a huge part of healing from trauma, and trauma therapy shows you that you have the power of your trauma. Letting go means no longer allowing your bad memories and feelings to rob you of living a joyful life. Whether you’re someone who suffers from rejection, sexual abuse, physical assault, abuse, bullying or a medical trauma, learning to let go of pain, anger and fear are critical to achieving well-being. But, just like anything in life, it’s not a short road.

There is no magical pill that can heal trauma – only time, acknowledgement, and the know-how to make peace with your past can set you free from the grips of what is holding you back.