Your Questions Answered About Honeymoons in Mauritius

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mauritius is, Honeymooner’s Paradise, right! And why wouldn’t it be? A slice of paradise dotted with luxury hotels, crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches, palm trees, and balmy weather, Mauritius offers an opportunity for couples to rekindle the love after a busy wedding spell. Securing its position as the leading Indian Ocean destination, the majestic island will emblaze your adventurous souls with scuba diving, snorkelling, sight-seeing, shopping, and biking and so much more. As one of the most beautiful places on earth to have a honeymoon, here’s your questions answered about honeymoons in Mauritius.

Is Mauritius the best island for a honeymoon?

Voted as the leading honeymoon destination in the World Travel Awards in 2018, Mauritius, with its clear waters and smooth coastlines, and best of all – seclusion, offers all the right ingredients to get loving and romantic. Beyond its authentic, diverse cuisine, luxury resorts, water sports, nightlife, and romantic lagoons and waterfalls that make you feel you’re in a fantasy novel, Mauritius is only a four-hour flight from Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, and it’s a Visa FREE honeymoon destination for South Africans.

How much does a honeymoon to Mauritius cost?

Highly dependent on where you’re travelling from, the season and your budget, a honeymoon to Mauritius can easily cost around 20–30k per person or more. Fortunately, the Indian Ocean island offers competitively priced honeymoon package deals to suit all pockets. You can book a seven-day honeymoon package from R9, 999 that includes flights, accommodation and entertainment. These packages are the best value for money as the agents can get hold of ‘special’ airfares and better than usual hotel rates. Besides this, booking a honeymoon package saves you the cost and time of purchasing all the components of travel separately.

Where should I stay in Mauritius for a honeymoon?

Mauritius is made for romance, with some of the best luxury hotels in the Indian Ocean. Private plunge pools and butlers, along with some of the best gourmet restaurants and unmatched spas are on offer. Whether you choose the North-West side of the island or the Southern parts of the island, you will find ‘paradise retreats from the ground up’ that range from 3-star to 5-star, such as Anelia Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa, Maritime Crystal Beach Hotel, Solana Beach, Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa, Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa, and Riu Creole Hotel.

Begin your married life with

Could leisure and love get any more perfect and prettier than Mauritius? It’s hard to beat the ease and price of the honeymoon packages at With over a decade of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we have excellent honeymoon packages that include flights, hotels, and sightseeing, recreation and water sports.

The Importance of Taking Time Off

Are you feeling stressed, overworked, lethargic and emotionally drained? Today, life is stressful. It’s difficult juggling a demanding career, a family with young children and a marriage. We’re all so busy with our hectic daily routines, it’s super easy to forget just how important it is to take time off to relax and ensure our emotional, mental and physical happiness.

When you think about it, how can you develop and nurture healthy relationships with your partner and children if you’re tired and not happy with yourself and your aspirations? Most mothers or single parents often put their lives on hold, and this is where the word “unhealthy” enters the picture. I mean, with everything you’ve got going on, who’s looking after you?

A holiday is as important as sleeping

A holiday from our daily lives is vital. In fact, many doctors believe that a holiday is as important as sleeping. When we’re in a constant state of fight or flight, our adrenals take a knock, and that’s where stress takes a toll on our body’s ability to resist infection, disease, and maintain its primary functions.

But we’re not talking about an extravagant holiday to Mauritius or Seychelles, and neither are we talking about signing up for a yoga retreat in the middle of Mozambique. We’re talking about taking time off and going on a holiday where you can forget about reality, leave your job worries behind, and learn how to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised. Here’s why taking time off matters, not just for you, but for everyone around you.

De-stress and remember you are FREE

Remember when you were a young child going on summer holidays with your folks. Remember that feeling of freedom you felt? It was almost like there was nothing in the world to worry about, except how much fun you would have. Well, for adults, it isn’t all sandcastles and ice-cream. Functioning under a constant burden of stress is pretty much like trying to drive a car with no wheel pressure—and when we do take a break, we find something to stress about. Why, because we’re so used to living in a state of fight or flight we forget that we are free.

As you can see, it’s super easy to forget that priceless feeling of freedom. Unfortunately, when your body is constantly under stress, you’re more likely to become ill. Your anxiety levels skyrocket, your immune system crashes, you struggle with insomnia, and you binge eat to feel better. But what’s even worse is that your adrenals take a huge beating, and this is where real medical issues manifest. Taking time off to de-stress is of vital importance—and just as sleep helps your body and mind heal, so does a holiday.

Evaluate and assess your lifestyle

Although we all need some stress in our lives—just to remind us we’re alive—it’s of vital importance to know where to draw the line. When we take time off, away from our busy lives and routines, it’s always much easier looking in than looking out. We can think about what we want, how we can change things, and what things need changing. Taking time off is a great opportunity to test and assess our lifestyle because when we are in a relaxed state, introspection gives us valuable feedback, giving us confidence, motivation and energy.

Take back your creativity and productivity

Ever heard of brain fog? Also known as mental fatigue, brain fog is a cognitive dysfunction caused by stress. Brain fog can cause memory problems, such as the inability to focus, poor concentration, writer’s block, and it can even affect artistic ability and productivity. Most people suffer from brain fog without even realizing it, which is why taking time off is so vital to clear the mind and find a balance. Few people can be creative under stressful deadlines, but when we‘re at our most relaxed state, brilliant ideas and positive thoughts always emerge. What this tells us is that taking time off is vital, especially for creative’s. A holiday is not only good for brain fog, but it can also be a forceful drive to boosting your career.

As our lives become more demanding, we often work into the ground, and to function better and to lead a healthier lifestyle, we all need and deserve some time off to restore and re-energize our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. And there is no better way to do this than a holiday!

The Cederberg: One of the Top Luxury Holiday Destinations in the Western Cape

Looking for the perfect, romantic and affordable getaway, but on the fence about where you should go? Yes, it’s that time of the year again when everyone is planning their year-end holidays. While you could travel to Knysna, George, or Hermanus, you could also whisk your other half away to one of South Africa’s most prized luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, the Cederberg.

Only two hours from Cape Town – you really don’t have to travel far to experience romance, beauty, and fun. A frontrunner of luxury holiday destinations, the Cederberg is home to some of the most beautiful jaw-dropping landscapes in the country. A peaceful spot where you can experience a romantic getaway, unlike any other, the Cederberg is celebrated as being one of the most beautiful, luxury holiday destinations in the Western Cape, and here’s why.

The most romantic alfresco accommodation suites

Ever fallen asleep under the stars? Secluded, romantic, and magical, there’s something breathtaking about sleeping alfresco. But we’re not talking about sleeping around a fire in a sleeping bag. We’re talking about resting your head in a natural open-air room in a luxury star bed complemented with white linen. Whether you want your accommodation suite to be completely immersed in Mother Nature, or you only want a view of the stars under a retractable roof—you will fall in love with the open-air rooms in the Cederberg.

Action-packed activities and attractions

A breathtaking luxury holiday destination, hidden deep in the scenic Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape, this little piece of heaven is a place where wildlife can be seen roaming, and where mystical sunsets fade into a star-studded filled sky. Offering both romantics and families a chance to escape the real world and embrace Mother Nature, not only does this luxury holiday destination offer guests the option of sleeping in the most magical way possible, but this little paradise offers more than enough to keep the adventurous occupied, the stressed-out relaxed, and the romantics in love.
Activities and attraction include 4×4 trails, hiking in nature, mountain biking safaris, nature drives, quad bike safaris, reptile and snake tours, rock art tours, and star gazing tours.

Unplug at Kagga Kamma massage and beauty spa

In an age where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug, the Cederberg offers guests the luxury of leaving their virtual world behind, putting their feet up and indulging in some 5-star pampering. Yes, a luxury holiday wouldn’t be luxurious without a spa and Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg offers a 5-star spa that affords guests and couples exclusive revitalising treatments to relax and rejuvenate. Complemented by TheraNaka™ and TheraVine™ products, and an assortment of relaxing and uplifting detoxifying oils, Kagga Kamma spa offers a wide range of massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, tinting, waxing, facials, and eye, hair and scalp treatments.

With the promise of a majestic mountain range filled with roaming wildlife, action-packed adventure activities, wildlife safari tours, and sleeping under the star-studded night skies – it’s no wonder that Cederberg is one of the leading holiday destinations in the Western Cape. In fact, what does this little gem not offer? To find out more about this incredible holiday destination, contact the team at Kagga Kamma today.

2 Winning Reasons to Take Time Out for Romantic Getaways

When was the last time, just the two of you, like it, was before you had children, careers and responsibilities went away together on a romantic getaway? Just like anything in life, relationships take hard work. With obligations such as children’s schooling and after-school activities, demanding careers to hectic work schedules that keep you at the office till late—romance often takes the back seat.

All couples need to reconnect with each other from time to time, but it’s so easy to get sucked in by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, creating a barrier for couples to spend time together. As a result, relationships often end up on the rocks, with the fire between them eventually burning out. Not only do couples need a break from their chaotic lifestyles, but they also need to make time for each other, and what better way to escape reality, than a romantic getaway. While we could give you 100 reasons to take time out for a romantic getaway, you only really need these two.

#1 Restores romance and intimacy

Alone time together is essential for keeping the romance alive in a relationship. It slows you both down and allows you to move at the same tempo. Intimacy is one of the most important things that hold a relationship together, and spending time with your partner in an intimate setting will bring you closer together and re-ignite forgotten feelings of intimacy, which is just the thing you need to spice up things in the bedroom department.

Conversation is a whole new level of intimacy. Couples often stop talking and confiding in each other, but on romantic getaways, couples gain a different perspective on their lives. Romantic getaways are gifts that keep on giving, even long after the getaway is over.

#2 Reduces stress and improves mental health

In an age where it’s almost impossible to unplug and share priceless moments with our partners, we all need to take a step back and indulge in the sweet scent of nature and romance. Ask anyone who suffers from city stress and anxiety and they will all tell you that a good romantic getaway with their better half is good for the mind, body and soul. Stress is a silent killer and in today’s fast-paced world, we all need to take care of both our own and our partner’s mental health by getting away from it all, even if it’s just for a few days.

While you may have only a few months to go till the summer holidays, we’re sure you and your better half wouldn’t mind a romantic getaway to rekindle that spark and recharge those batteries. And there is no better place to do this than at Kievits Kroon Country Estate.

An award-winning 16-hectare upmarket Dutch-style country estate in Pretoria that has earned the accolade as one of the top 10 romantic getaways in Gauteng, and one of the leading wellness spas in the country, Kievits Kroon is all about balancing the body, mind and soul in a setting that will take your breath away.

Experience the Legendary Garden Route on a Motorcycle Rental From GS Africa

Ready for a road trip this holiday season? Dreaming of leaving it all behind and exploring the Garden Route from behind a set of handlebars? Few people actualise this dream—yet those who do, get to have one of the most unforgettable time of their lives.

Whether you’re a novice rider on the latest BMW model series, a natural-born cruiser on a Harley Davidson, or a dirt-smeared off-roader who likes to throttle your way through valleys, dirt roads and mountain tops, you will love riding through the Garden Route. Celebrated as one of South Africa’s most iconic tourist attractions, the Garden Route is one of the most majestic and scenic self-drive motorcycle rides in South Africa.

The playground for every type of biker

Few routes on earth can rival the grandeur and beauty of Route 62 and the Garden Routes coastal highway, and what better way to traverse this giant canvas than on two wheels. While the Garden Routes coastal highway is a strip along the Indian Ocean that stretches for 400 km along with a stunning natural playground of indigenous forests, rolling hills, rocky caves, panoramic sandy beaches and secluded lagoons, Route 62 is a scenic route that passes through vintage farming towns, beautiful towering mountain peak backdrops, acres of wine farms, natural forests, and lushly landscaped valleys covered in aloes and fynbos. Voted the sixth best coastal drive in the world by Virtual Tourist, Route 62 is a road to remember that will seduce you in ways you never would have imagined.

Linking Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, while dotting beautiful towns along the way, the Garden Route is one of the world’s best-kept natural secrets. A pathway to biker heaven, you will find many shops and bars and secret back roads to take on with your bike. Once you get off the highway (as true bikers will surely want to do), there are plenty of spots to see and things to do.
If you’re looking for the infamous Ronnies Sex Shop, you will find it at Warmwaterberg in Montague. If you’re looking to soak your feet in the sand of majestic beaches or camp out in the woods, Mosselbay, Knysna Forest and Plettenberg Bay will be on your way. Want to do big 5 viewings? Stop at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve at the foot of the towering Warmwaterberg Mountains or Addo Elephant National Park just outside of Port Elizabeth. Want to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins? Jump or dive off the Bloukrans Bridge in Tsitsikamma, Plettenberg Bay? The Garden Route is the playground for every type of biker out there!

See passion, learn stories, and make lifelong memories

The easily accessible small local villages nestled along the valleys, all offer ample opportunity for discovery. In fact, every twist and turn on both routes lead to somewhere new. It’s a journey that will lead you to a captivating story, a scenic snapshot, home-baked farm stall goodies to taste, plenty of wineries to enjoy, and even charming new friends.

Offering the opportunity to get in touch with the local culture and to ride on both tarred and dirt roads, the Garden Route is the destination for bikers, offering wonderful hospitality, and inexpensive food and accommodation. Whether you’re looking to revel in luxury or relax in rustic tranquillity, this is a place where you’ll find a selection of the warmest and most inexpensive home-from-home accommodation types and the best fresh, local cuisine.

Route 62 and the Garden Routes coastal highway are the most delightful regions in the country, and the best way to experience both routes is atop a high-powered motorcycle. Whichever route you choose, remember that both routes know no boundaries. As you drift past the ever-changing colours of the majestic mountains, rolling hills, towering cliffs, crystal clear streams, small remote vintage villages and Art Deco signs, and drink in the kaleidoscope of scenic tranquillity with your eyes, you realise that there are only a few places on earth that can marry this quality of riding with this kind of backdrop.

The Garden Route offers an adventure that needs to be experienced to be believed

If it’s time to hit the road on a two-wheeler along the legendary Garden Route, then contact GS Africa today. Whether you ride out with a few mates or with your leather-clad babe on the back, get the map and get on the road with one of our BMW or Harley Davidson motorcycle rentals.

4 Budget-Friendly Things to do in Johannesburg over the Easter Holidays

Looking to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays? While the Easter holidays can be a great time to bond with your little ones, it can also be stressful. Yes, not all parents get time off over Easter, and with kids as demanding as they are today, you will need to find at least one or two cool things do with them.

I think every parent can relate to the words: “Mom. I’m bored!”, or “Dad, we do nothing fun!” Yes, unlike the December holidays, the Easter holidays are a tough one. Fortunately, Johannesburg is a big, busy city with a wide range of fun, interesting and instructive activities for them to get hooked on. However, if you’re a working parent on a budget, here are some suggestions to get you going.

#1 Get rock climbing at City Rock

Think your little one and their friends might enjoy a morning or afternoon of rock climbing? Get your kids off the couch and moving at the biggest indoor climbing gym in Africa. Situated in Randburg, Johannesburg, City Rock offers climbing courses for kids over the age of 5, teens and adults. Prices vary according to whether or not you want to rent gear.

#2 Let the kids run wild at Yeesh

In Woodmead and Bryanston, Yeesh, is an indoor play and activity hub centred on a giant two-storey soft play structure. Suitable for children up to 12 years, Yeesh has slides, trampolines, jumping castles and soft play obstacles. Encouraging active, physical play in a safe environment, Yeesh also boasts a Paint Pot craft corner and a Little Bakers corner where they can ice or decorate a biscuit or cupcake. Each area is supervised by a trained child-minder—giving you the time to relax at their upmarket Coffee Bar while enjoying their FREE WI-FI.

#3 Encourage environmental awareness at the Johannesburg Zoo

In the leafy northern suburb of Johannesburg, the Johannesburg Zoo is one of the most popular attractions for kids of all ages. A 55-hectare zoo, dedicated to the accommodation, enrichment, husbandry, and medical care of over 320 species of animals, including the Big 5, the zoo offers day trips, zoo trots, zoo tours, and so much more.

#4 Zip, zoom and climb in the safety of a harness at Acrobranch

A zip line treetop adventure dedicated to offering kids the adventure of a lifetime, Acrobranch is nationally celebrated as a world-class state-of-the-art ziplining adventure venue, unlike any other. In Melrose and Centurion, each zip line takes place in a different environment with a different experience. Strapped safely into harnesses and helmets with safeguards and cables in place, professional guides lead kids through a mid-air obstacle course that takes place between the treetops. A morning or afternoon of fun, thrills and laughs, both adventure parks offer a zip line obstacle course that features cargo nets, Tarzan swings, balancing beams, tightropes, zigzagging, lily pads, barrels, rope bridges, and so much more.

And there you have it, some awesome things to do in Johannesburg over the Easter holidays that the kids will love, and so will you!

Golf Estate Property in Gauteng: Live a Lifestyle That Most Only Dream About

Looking to live a lifestyle most only dream about, or are you looking for a lucrative short- or long-term investment? Then you need to turn your attention to golf estate property in Gauteng. An attractive place in which to live, holiday or invest, golf estate living in Gauteng tops the list as the most sought-after property genre choice for many well-heeled local and international buyers. An affluent address that every property owner wants to include in their property investment portfolio – if you’re undecided then here are some persuasive reasons that will have you snapping up one of these lifestyle properties in no time.

A luxurious lifestyle manned by 24-hour security

It’s no secret that living in Gauteng has become dangerous, which is why many families and retirees are slowly turning their attention to golf estate property. Security and safety is everything today, especially if you have young children, and in a country where many feel the need to be closer to the city, yet still feel safe, residential golf estate living has proven to be a remarkable choice for those who wish for both, easy access to the city and the gated estate lifestyle. Offering an unparalleled residential lifestyle that needs little in the way of introduction to those familiar with its luxurious environment, golf estate property in Gauteng is often more popular for its exclusivity and security rather than its actual golf course. Offering a superior quality of life, it’s hard not to appreciate the benefits of living a luxurious lifestyle manned by 24-hour security.

A HOT investment with lucrative ROI’s

Having experienced a prolific property boom, those looking for a fruitful investment will be pleased to learn that golf estate properties are in high demand and will make an attractive long- or short-term investment. Not only do these prime golf estate properties in Gauteng offer significant resale opportunities with lucrative ROI’s, but they also offer high seasonal rental opportunities.

Trophy golf estates second to none

Renowned for providing the perfect balance of both a small town and a big city, the Golf Estate Property market has witnessed an enormous surge in affluent buyers snapping up luxury golf estate properties in Gauteng, which means if you’re a buyer or investor looking at golf estates then now is the best time to buy. If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and are looking to partner with a renowned property agent that can offer you an exceptional level of service and expertise, then make a lifestyle change with Fine & Country. Offering luxurious trophy, golf estate properties, second, to none, we can offer you properties on the following Golf Estates in Gauteng:

• Ebotse Golf & Country Estate
• Eagle Canyon Golf & Lifestyle Estate
• Magalies River Club Golf Estate
• Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate
• Matumi Golf Estate
• Kasbah Eagle Canyon Golf Estate
• Blue Valley Golf Estate
• Jackal Creek Golf Estate

Live a lifestyle most only dream about 

Luxury Golf Estate properties in Gauteng are without a doubt one of the most inviting investment areas right now for both local Gauteng residents and international investors. When you invest, you’re investing in a lifestyle that only a few in the world can afford to have. Not only will you be living in the safest and most secure surrounds of Gauteng, but you will also live in a magnificent home with impeccable views strategically built right on an award-winning golf course.