Why the World Has Become Fanatical Over Chesterfield Sofas

Looking to enhance the ambience and improve the aesthetics of your home, reception area or office? While most modern homeowners and businesses would prefer to splash out on a snow-white Flokati, a piece of pricey wall art or a mid-century contemporary leather loveseat, one of the best ways to add polish, enhance glamour and improve style is to invest in a modern Chesterfield sofa. A royal sofa that offers an exclusive touch to any space, a Chesterfield is not just a sofa, but a piece of history that is enjoying a remarkable comeback – and here’s why.

A Chesterfield sofa can seduce anyone

A classic sofa that dates all the way back to the 1800s, there is no other piece of furniture able to live up to the extreme level of opulence, indulgence and gratification that a genuine Chesterfield can offer. Famous for its superior craftsmanship, sexy scrolled arms, legs and plush buttoned tufting, Chesterfields are style icons that symbolise significant wealth and status.

Often referred to the “Clooney’ of all sofas”, Chesterfields are just as desirable and stylish today as they were in the 18th century. But what makes these celebrated sofas so sought after is that they have embraced change along the way. While traditional Chesterfield sofas once only came in shades of beige, brown and black, today you can find them in red, mustard, green, orange and red. But that’s not all. While earlier Chesterfields only came in leather, you can now find them in rich crushed velvets and rich art déco textiles.

Chesterfields complement vintage, modern and contemporary interiors

Also, earning the title of “Lord of all sofas”, Chesterfields can gel well in any space they grace. An adaptable and versatile accent piece found in country clubs, family homes, loft apartments, ocean view penthouses, Dr’s rooms, hotels, offices, boutiques, retail environments, and boutique bars and restaurants, these high-fashion royal works of art are durable timeless classics that bring style to any traditional or modern interior.

Timeless classics that require very little TLC

Iconic accent pieces manufactured to be durable and long-lasting; Chesterfields are constructed and fashioned with only the finest woods, metals and leathers. Requiring little maintenance during its long lifespan, they are simply a lifelong investment. In fact, it is said that a genuine high-quality leather Chesterfield only begins its life at its eight-year mark.

While many would say that Chesterfields are enjoying a huge comeback – if truth be told – the world has never stopped being fanatical over them!

3 Designer Couches That Will Last Forever!

One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to curl up and relax on a cosy couch. Whether it’s black, blue, white, cream or upholstered in floral bouquet, they say that buying a couch is a bit like getting married: you fall in love, you move in together, and a decade later you’re still happily living together. But buying a couch that will stand the test of time is harder than it seems. To be sure of a long and satisfying relationship, you need to choose your couch wisely.

Choose a style that complements your personality and lifestyle

Originating from the 1900’s modernist movement, modern designer couches are the ideal option to enhance the appeal and image of any contemporary interior, office or home – and they do it well. A major investment, not only is it where you lounge, nap, entertain, and watch television with your family and loved one, but it’s also has a substantial effect on the room’s overall style, which is why you need to get the style right.

#1 The trendy mid-century loveseat

It should come as no surprise that mid-century modern is all the rage today. A rising trend among urban loft living fashionista’s, businesses and modern homes throughout South Africa, these timeless pieces are all about symmetry and minimalist designs. Constructed with modern lightweight materials and fashioned in the finest variety of art deco fabric, vinyl and leathers, paired with contemporary décor, the mid-century loveseat can look glamorous just about anywhere you put it.

#2 The timeless Chesterfield

A timeless couch, known as the “Lord of all Couches”, Chesterfields are a style icon that symbolises a significant type of wealth and status. An elegant way to bring a sense of solidity and tradition – Chesterfields are just as desirable and stylish today as they were in the 18th century. Fêted for their quilted or tufted back, arms or seating, a Chesterfield is to furniture what Cartier is to watches. A style that never seems to outdate, Chesterfields can be found upholstered in a wide range of top quality luxury leathers that come in just about every shade.

#3 The space-saving modular sectional

A trend among businesses, beach houses, loft apartments, golf estates, and many traditional homes throughout South Africa, modern sectionals, also known as ‘space savers’, are ideal for those who need maximum seating in large or small spaces. So much more than just beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, these space-savers have the command to make any small or large room feel comfortable and look expensive. A multi-piece couch that allows you to create both L- and U-shape configurations, these gorgeous designer couches can be found with additional add-on pieces such as armrests, one or even two recliners, an ottoman, a chaise lounge, an extendable footrest, and hidden storage space.

Make a style statement with designer couches from Riverwalk Trading

While staying true to modernism and showcasing Italian inspired designs that suggest the future yet hint the past – our Italian designer couches can be proudly found in high-end homes and businesses throughout South Africa.

Designed with the latest innovations and manufactured using the most sophisticated, modern lightweight and durable materials such as top-grade stainless steel finishes, leathers, vinyl and art deco textiles – our designer couches are timeless, classic and contemporary, all in one.

3 Modern Living Room Ideas to Cheat Your Way to Bigger

Is your current living room style cramping your style, looking for some new stylish, innovative living room ideas, but not sure where to start? An influential space that has the power to set the tone for your entire home, your living room reflects your personality and style, so you need to furnish it with your favourite shapes, colours, textures and pieces of furniture.

But what if your living room is too small? Here are 3 living room ideas guaranteed to fool the eye and make your living room appear larger.

#1 Revamp and balance with multifunctional furniture

To be modern is to be multifunctional. No longer just about colour matching and keeping up with symmetry, interior design is all about the use of minimum space to the maximum efficacy. And if there’s one way to cheat your way back to bigger, start by revamping and balancing your space with modern multifunctional furniture. A rising trend among urban loft living fashionistas, businesses and modern homes – go for armless contemporary sofas, modular corner sofas, chairs with slender profiles and legs, glass and chrome tables, or a large upholstered ottoman that can double as a coffee table, secret storage compartment and chair. Modern furniture will fill your small space with comfort and function without making it feel cramped.

#2 Give the illusion of space with natural and modern lighting

Today’s interior is all about optical illusion. A pivotal element in any living room design – nothing shrinks a room faster than poor lighting. Lighting can make or break a space, which is why your first step would be to make the most of all the natural light you have available. If your space lacks natural light, then take advantage of white or pale hues as this will automatically increase the brightness of a room by reflecting light.

#3 Keep colours and patterns to scale

There is more to colour than what meets the eye. Whereas dark colours absorb light, making a room appear smaller, neutral colours make small spaces appear larger. Another trick is to stick to smaller prints – but if you’re mad about larger bolder prints, then this is where colour will save the day. Darker colours with large patterns will make your living room look small, whereas lighter and softer colours such as white, cream and icy blue and greens with big prints and patterns will make your space appear larger.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to decorate your home while maximising space, then prepare to be blown away by the interior decorators at JOY Furniture. As master illusionists in interior design – you will find excellent ideas, tips and design solutions to use your space and cheat your way to bigger.

3 Tips for Styling Designer Coffee Tables

Largely defined by the space, the room, the décor and its functionality—coffee tables can be a key design element in any living room design. A powerful statement piece that has the potential to either be a masterpiece, a cluttered mess or a big disappointment—here’s how to take advantage of that blank canvas sitting right in front of your sofa.

#1 The rule of three

As in so many other areas of design, the age-old rule of threes comes in handy when styling coffee tables. Holding true for all size and shape tables, the rule of three says that things arranged in threes are more appealing, memorable and effective. To create an eye-catching display, choose three objects of varying height and you’ll instantly achieve a chic, stylish look.

#2 Stick to a theme or get personal

While is true that designer coffee tables are a conversation piece all on its own, what goes on top, under, and around them will finish the look. As a living room focal point, your coffee table is a great place to rotate seasonal decorative elements. While you could display beautiful lilies in spring and sunflowers in summer, you could also let the objects on your coffee table tell a story about your passions and memories. A great tip is to display a grouping of attractive conversation pieces and make your favourite piece the room’s focal point by displaying it alone in the centre of the table.

#3 Less is always more

Playing an enormous role, coffee tables do more than just provide usable space for coffee cups, wine glasses, flowers and snacks. Coffee tables add personality—but nothing makes for a cluttered surface faster than a large collection of small bits and pieces. The good news is, artfully arranged; anything can become a thing of beauty. But you will need to stick to a few key pieces, such as a silver bowl, a tray, a pretty planter, an interesting sculpture, and a coffee-table book or two. It is also worth mentioning that a coffee table without a coffee-table book is a lot like a model without lipstick. Pick ones with bright covers and bold letters and vary the height of the stacks for an effortless style.

Whether you’re looking to update your business reception area or whether you’re looking to beautify your living room or entertainment area, even the most unflattering coffee table can blossom into a powerful masterpiece by utilising these styling tips.

Smart Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Big

It’s the 21st century and typical modern living spaces have transformed over the years. We are living in an era where our living spaces have become smaller, and as our spaces change, so do our needs for interior design & furniture. If you’ve just bought a small modern loft apartment or a house in the city, then you will need to make some significant changes with your interior design & furniture styles.

Interior design is no longer just about colour matching and keeping up with symmetry. Interior design is all about the use of minimum space to the maximum efficacy. Today, smaller spaces demand furniture that not only takes up less space, but that is also functional, stylish and comfortable – and this is where modern contemporary furniture hits the ball out of the park. If you’re looking for some smart ways to enhance the space in your abode, then follow our top tips.

Use multi-functional modern furniture

The living room has the power to set the tone for your entire design style, so if you’re looking to create the illusion of space, then choose multi-functional furniture that doesn’t obstruct your view from one area to another. Go for armless contemporary sofas, chairs and tables with slender profiles and legs, and use a large upholstered ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. With bedrooms, every inch counts, so stick with the appropriate-sized beds with simple headboards and bedside tables to reduce visual clutter. Furniture pieces such as these will fill your small space with comfort and function without making it seem cramped.

Smart storage is the way to go

Typically, small living spaces are notorious for being short on storage space, so it’s important to use every inch of square footage. Choose furniture pieces that offer multi-functional uses such as pieces that offer smart storage. It’s important to keep in mind that a room’s space always includes more than just its horizontal dimensions. This means you can easily visually heighten the space by installing a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with storage cabinets on the bottom, plasma television in the middle, and still have plenty of space for your books and ornaments.

Keep patterns and colour to scale

To be safe, opt for smaller prints; however, if you’re crazy about bold and large prints, then this is where colour will outshine. Darker colours with big patterns will make your small space look cramped and small, whereas lighter hues with big prints and patterns will make your space appear larger than it really is.

Get the lighting right

If your space lacks light, then take advantage of white or pale hues as this will automatically increase the brightness of a room by reflecting light. Wile larger lamps add height and size to small rooms, pendants, lamps, ceiling fixtures and track lights also enhance natural light, giving the illusion of space.

Contemporary furniture is all about practicality, functionality and form, and if your small living space lacks the right contemporary furniture, smart storage solutions, natural light, colours and size patterns, it will feel cramped and uncomfortable. But with the right interior design & furniture, even in the smallest of abodes can appear larger and be more functional

4 Modern Wall Art Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Space

Looking to bring some life to those bare and boring walls of yours, or are you looking to transform and modernise your space? It’s 2016, which means it’s time to embrace some new interior design trends. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable solution to add life, character, colour and style to your home or business, here are 4 wall art ideas guaranteed to transform your walls.

#1 Advertise or reveal your world with poster prints

Cost-effective and versatile, poster prints will never go out of style, from Andy Warhol, family and pet portraits, landscape holiday moments, and abstract prints to all those little priceless moments in between—poster prints can be used as promotional tools in business marketing and as a window to your world in your living space.

#2 Add originality and style with sticker prints

It’s not always hip to be square so ditch those standard frames and add a little originality and style with sticker prints. Sicker prints, also known as vinyl wall art is a trendy design option that offers style, inspiration, and an enormous sense of humour. From fresh interpretations of fabulousness to philosophical words that inspire to reflective images of Mother Nature—sticker prints make excellent wall art for restaurants, bars, retail outlets, bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, and indoor and outdoor kitchens. A brilliant way of welcoming personality and character into your home or business – pick a painting or an image, a quote or a photograph that holds significance and turns it into a vinyl sticker that will last for years and years.

#3 Add dimension to your walls with 3D wall art

Words, images and portraits are great to look at, but if you’re looking for wall art ideas that can give your space the WOW factor, then turn to 3D wall art. From geometric 3D printed paper sculptures on canvas, box mounted origami, puff paint on canvas, and wood triangular shelves to protruding box framed wooden sculptures that give the illusion of dimension—3D wall art has a way of bursting off your walls as they grab attention.

#4 Turn your wall into a masterpiece with wallpaper

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you want to give your patrons, family, friends, guests or clients something to talk about, wallpaper will do the trick. When most people think about wallpaper, they automatically think of kitsch patterned walls, outdated floral prints and difficult installations and removals. But times have changed and owing to innovation, design and technology—whatever you can imagine can be printed on wallpaper. Decide on the things, colours or places make you happy and use them to transform and add personality to your space. Whether you’re looking to give the illusion of bricks, bring nature into your bedroom, or bring the ocean into your bathroom, do it with wallpaper!

There’s nothing more transformative than a beautifully designed home or office – if you’re looking to add personality and style to your home, spice up your walls with one of our many wall art ideas.