Everything to Know About the ‘Wonder Plant of the 21st Century’—Hoodia Gordonii

It should not surprise you to learn that the obesity rate in South Africa has skyrocketed over the past decade. Tipping the scales, South Africa has the highest overweight and obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa. Our beautiful nation has finally fallen into a major health disaster. Branded as a ‘growing epidemic of obese adults’, not only are 82% of all South African women over the age of 45 overweight or obese, but 40% of all men over the age of 35 are not very far behind. So what’s the solution?

While you could wake up at 5 am each morning to join boot camp, eat lettuce leaves and cucumber sticks, you could also get yourself on Hoodia Gordonii. For those of you who don’t know about Hoodia, we will explain why the demand for this super wonder plant has become the world’s most treasured weight loss supplement.

What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Used for thousands of years by one of the world’s oldest and most primitive tribes – the San Tribe in the Kalahari Desert—Hoodia is a natural plant grown from a succulent cactus used before trekking into the heart of the desert where water and food were scarce. The hunters would chew the plant to increase their energy levels, but what really caught the attention of the weight loss industry was its incredible appetite suppressing properties. The San hunters would often go without food for days while on their hunting expeditions and would chew on raw Hoodia to curb their appetite so they wouldn’t suffer hunger pangs.

How does Hoodia Gordonii work for weight loss?

Hoodia was first researched in the 1960s, but it was only in 1977 when the active ingredient in Hoodia was discovered. Known as P57, they found this glycoside to release large amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. When broken down, researchers further discovered that this miraculous molecule sent out signals to the brain to trick the body into feeling full.

Today, Hoodia Gordonii is manufactured and marketed as a powerful appetite suppressant for weight loss and obesity. We use the dried stems and roots to make pills, capsules, chewable tablets, tonics, and teas and powders that suppress hunger and help to reduce weight and fat percentage. Highly praised as the wonder plant of the 21st century, Hoodia is today’s answer for those who want to burn fat and look and feel slimmer and healthier.

Curbing the appetite and reducing caloric intake so that the body uses its own fat stores to meet its energy needs, Hoodia completely eradicates any cravings for food, which means no more unnecessary snacking, binge eating late at night or over-consumption at dinner time. Perfect for those who are obese or for those trying to shed a few kilograms, Hoodia completely shuts down appetite. In fact, you won’t even think of food when you’ve consumed Hoodia. However, for those who desperately want to burn fat fast, Hoodia is best used with an excellent weight loss plan and exercise routine.

Are there any side effects?

A true gift from nature and the wonder weight loss plant of the 21st century, over the past decade, there has been a significant demand for Hoodia Gordonii. Whereas raw Hoodia has shown side effects, such as a dry mouth and liver problems, processed Hoodia has shown no side effects. However, its interactions with prescription medications have not been fully explored, which means it’s important to consult your general practitioner before taking it for weight loss. With that said, the quality of Hoodia is not always consistent. In fact, many national and international findings suggest that some products sold as Hoodia are not even Hoodia, which is for it’s always best to purchase your Hoodia Gordonii from a reputable supplier such as Herbex Health.

Take back your body with our Hoodia Gordonii powder

As the leading health and weight loss brand in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re super proud to be the first South African company to launch a single herb powder range, with one of them being Hoodia Gordonii. We believe that there’s no need to struggle with your weight alone – we can offer you all the support you need, starting with Hoodia Gordonii.

Can Paleo Help Diabetes?

The world has witnessed a wave of chronic and devastating diseases such as Type 2 diabetes sweep through humanity more than ever before, and South Africa is no exception. Owing to our busy modern lifestyles, people just don’t have the time to prepare balanced healthy meals anymore. Experts believe that a combination of environmental toxins, unhealthy food choices and sedentary modern lifestyle habits have all played a part in the rise in diabetes, chronic diseases and obesity. With all this talk about going back to our roots to avoid modern-day diseases – could the diet of our cavemen ancestors help keep diabetes under control?

About the Paleo Diet

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease caused by our modern lifestyles, and the Paleo diet offers people a choice to choose a healthy lifestyle that supports your body, instead of poisoning it. Derived from the Palaeolithic era, the Paleo diet mimics what our stone-age ancestors ate way back thousands of years ago. Also known as the caveman diet or the hunter-gatherer diet, the Paleo diet is very strict about the foods you eat. It is basically a healthy low carbohydrate and a high protein diet based on fresh plants and unprocessed meats high in vitamins and minerals.

Paleo Diet Food List

Based on the evidence that cavemen did not suffer from the same degenerative diseases as we do now, the Paleo diet is all about eating animals and plants straight from a non-genetically changed and pesticide free earth just like they did. A diet rich in all things natural and organic – eating Paleo means eating foods such as grass-fed meats, eggs, fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and healthy fats and oils, such as coconut oil, avocado, olive and flaxseed oil.

Foods to avoid would be salt (except Himalayan), soda drinks, refined and artificial sugars, potatoes, pasta, wheat, grains and legumes, dairy (unless grass fed or unpasteurized), trans fats, margarine and vegetable oils. Sometimes, better health means that weight loss is vital and the Paleo diet can extend or save your life. Here are only a few of the incredible health benefits of the Paleo diet.

• Strengthens the immune system
• Aids digestion and gut health
• Clears acne and gives a shine to hair
• Betters blood glucose control
• Fuels energy and mental clarity
• Rids bloating and gas
• Increases insulin sensitivity and lipid profiles
• Improves mood, hormones and sleep
• Reduces depression and anxiety
• Increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals
• Lessens the glycaemic load
• Lowers risk of heart disease, cholesterol and blood pressure
• Promotes muscle growth and fitness
• Diminishes allergies and skin diseases
• Supports noticeable weight loss

Your health is all you have, don’t compromise it!

Top Tips to Stay in Shape This Winter

You’ve been on a winning streak this summer and have lost quite a lot of weight. But as the change of season brings shorter, colder and wetter days – who wants to exercise when it’s cold and dark outside, right? Many people struggle with staying in shape during the winter months. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let the winter months trump your desire to stay in shape. Instead, arm yourself!

Walk the dog or climb the stairs

Whereas running is a great way to do away with all that extra fat and keep the metabolism churning, walking alone or walking the dog is also a brilliant way to relieve stress, burn calories, increase blood flow, and give the heart and lungs a boost. If you’re looking for a little motivation, then try meeting a friend in a park nearby for a 30-minute power walk. Another great tip is stair climbing. Without too much impact on your joints, we guarantee this powerful workout will give your thighs and buttocks a decent workout.

Join a Yoga or Pilate’s club

A spiritual exercise practiced to strengthen and relax the entire body, increase energy levels and tone the muscles. Yoga is one of the most popular, fashionable workouts of the 21st century. Another highly respected workout that needs no introduction, Pilates strengthens the core of the body, improves the posture and tones the stomach muscles. Pick one and by next summer you’ll have a six-pack.

Take up dancing classes

Love to dance? Whether you’re into ballroom, hip-hop or salsa, dancing is one of the best ways to stay in shape. One of the greatest things about this workout is that you do not even have to join a dance class as you can put on your favourite music at home, and you’ve got yourself a 20-minute workout. Beyond the physical benefits of dancing, it can also improve your mood, boost your self-esteem, and chase away the winter blues.

Go ketogenic!

Heard of ketogenic eating? As much as you would rather stay curled up on the couch indoors, physical activity is as important as the food you eat. Similar to the Atkins diet, ketogenic eating is a powerful LCHF eating plan that boosts energy levels, provides a better supply of oxygen to the cells, controls cravings, improves mood, increases sex drive, satisfies the appetite, and helps you drop in dress size. A diet that’s all about replacing carbohydrates with high-fat protein, ketogenic is about getting the body into a metabolic state where the body stops burning carbohydrates as fuel and burns fats instead.

Turn to a fat burning appetite suppressant

If you’ve been toying with an appetite suppressant, make sure it’s not the chemical type. Causing more harm than good, prescription diet pills are loaded with amphetamines. Fortunately, nature has gifted mankind herbs. More than just flavour and spice, herbs such as green tea leaves, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, dandelion, ginger root, milk vetch root, Guarana seed, Siberian ginseng root and turmeric hold incredible fat burning powers. Super effective at reducing the appetite, boosting the metabolism, burning fat, and promoting weight loss, natural appetite suppressants are made from fresh, natural plants, rather than a cocktail of deadly synthetic chemicals. And they have no side effects.

The winter can feel like forever, but just because old man winter is hanging around doesn’t mean it has to be a season of inactive hibernation and weight gain. Staying in shape during the winter months doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these tips to stay in shape and you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous by the time spring comes knocking on your door.