Black Skin Makeup Tips and Recommendations Every Woman Should Know

Do you know what you’re looking for when you shop for makeup? Although a multi-billion dollar industry, there is little advice out there for those with dark skin tones. Black skin varies in shades, and while the right makeup can make a girl with a dark skin tone glow like a goddess, the wrong makeup can make her skin look bruised or too orange.

While shopping for mascaras and eyeliners are easy on the high street, for foundation, eye shadow and blusher, it’s best to know your skin so you can know your product. Here’s what every black woman should know about black skin foundation, eye and cheek makeup.

#1 Foundation must blend, enhance and look natural

Foundation is every woman’s best friend – but ask any woman and they will all tell you that finding the right foundation is a lot like searching for the “Holy Grail”. The first rule of thumb is to keep in mind that darker skin is oily, so stick to a powder-based foundation. While the foundation colour should match your natural skin tone, find a colour that will virtually disappear once applied, yet still do its job by evening out any discolouration. All facial tones have a lighter shade in the centre and a darker shade on the outer, so if you need to, blend two shades of foundation to achieve a flawless complexion. Remember, you’re not trying to change the tone of your face, but enhance your natural tone so that your natural skin tone looks healthier and brighter.

#2 Bold tones and candy-coloured brights enhance eyes and cheeks

Black is beautiful, which is why dark toned skin colours must be flaunted in bold tones and candy-coloured brights. And for the eyes, there is no better way to ‘steal stares’ than dress the eyes in colour. For a casual daytime look, choose subtle shades of brown, pink and grey, and for evenings, dazzle with shades of blue, brown, burgundy, purple and shimmery gold. Just like your eyes, go bold with your cheeks. Using a darker shade blusher, choose shades like bronze, coral, gold, orange, peach, rose, and wine.

We believe that every woman deserves to know how to apply her makeup like a pro, and while some women are born with a powder brush in their hand, others must turn to professionals for a makeup workshop.