How to Contour for Beginners

Noticed how celebrities, actors, and models are changing their faces through makeup? Want to learn the secrets of how to turn a large nose into a smaller one, make a round face appear longer, turn thin lips into Angelina’s, or create the illusion of sharp, high cheekbones? It’s called contouring!

Oh, how the world of makeup has evolved. It’s not just about eyeliner, blusher and foundation anymore. We’ve entered the world of illusion, makeup illusion. As the biggest rage for beauty fanatics around the world, contouring has gone mainstream, and everyone is hooked. As the top celebrity secret to sculpting, hiding and enhancing – here’s how it’s done!

Ready, Set, and Contour

If you’ve never tried contouring before, it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional to get it right. First, you will need a foundation (1-2 shades darker than your skin tone), a makeup blending sponge or an angled or flat blending brush, an illuminator bronzer (2 shades darker than your skin tone), a light illuminator, a light translucent powder, and a setting spray. And here goes!

  1. Once you’ve applied your foundation, using gentle, sweeping strokes moving towards your hairline, start by sweeping the light illuminator to the areas of your face you want to mask. For most people, these areas are the chin, the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, and the forehead.
  2. Once complete, take the darker part of your bronzer (which should be two shades darker than your skin tone), and using gentle strokes sweeping down from your hairline, highlight all the areas where you want to create depth. These areas would be around your jawline (avoiding the point), across your forehead along your hairline, both sides of your nose, the temples, and just under your cheekbones.
  3. Once you’ve swept over each area, using the above method, you will need to blend. Using a sponge or brush, softly blend out all the lines you’ve just created. Once complete, dust your makeup with a light translucent powder or a setting spray – and voila!

The greatest trick to getting contouring and highlighting, right is to use as little makeup as possible. You want to avoid that chalked-Kardashian look, so keep the strokes as light as possible.