A Guide To Choosing Promotional Clothing for Your Advertising Giveaways

You don’t have to be an advertising guru to appreciate the effects of promotional clothing. It’s a very competitive world out there, and if you’re looking for a strategic way to advertise your business, then promotional clothing is the way. Think about it, what is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to create brand awareness and advertise your business? By getting your employees and your customers to wear your branded clothing!

Promotional clothing is a great way to get your logo or message literally out on the street. I mean, it’s hard not to notice when a bright T-shirt with a loud print walks by. Anyone that wears a great looking branded T-shirt, polo shirt, cap, track top or other items printed with a company logo is like a FREE walking billboard that will be seen by the public wherever it goes, especially when on the train or bus, in the bank, mall, grocery store, gym, coffee shop and in the street. You can’t find a better medium to advertise your brand for FREE than promotional clothing. However, in order for you to make the most of this dynamic marketing tool you need to be smart about a few things.

Identify your target market

Before you begin any advertising and marketing campaign, always research your target market, otherwise, you will set yourself up for failure. Are they male or female? Are they young or old? What are their income and interests? By identifying your audience, you will determine what clothing will work best for you. Let’s assume your market is in the IT sector – then hooded track tops, shirts and caps will work perfectly. If your target market is the upmarket financial sector, then embroidered polo shirts, ties and jackets will be more appropriate.

Opt for high quality

The quality of the clothing you choose speaks volumes about your standards and strengths as a business. Skimping out on good quality will do more damage than good in terms of the perception of your brand. Opting for high-quality promotional clothing will create a positive impression about your services and products. A rule of thumb on this one is to ask yourself: Would you wear it? Would you allow your staff to wear them?

Get the branding right

With the branding process you need to give full attention to detail, so make sure you include your web address so people can learn more about your product or service, and if you have space use a catch line that can quickly grab their attention. Remember, the quality of your branding is vital to ensure maximum exposure of your logo. If the branding looks clean, smart and stylish, it will leave a positive impression, if the branding is poor, it can be a real turn off.