8 Ways a Retail Kiosk can Boost Revenue and Build Buzz for Your Brand

Today, running any retail business is tough, and while branding strategies have evolved over the years, two things that haven’t changed are competition and brand awareness. Yes, your brand is your biggest selling point, which is why it needs as much exposure as it can get, and whether you’re a small, start-up trying to get your brand out on the streets, a large retailer desperately trying to market new products or a mall trying to attract shoppers and boost revenue – it’s time you embraced the future of retail with modular retail kiosks.

A unique, sophisticated and intelligent hybrid marketing genius

A hybrid marketing genius that is unique, sophisticated and intelligent, retail kiosks have become a booming trend that has revolutionized the typical brick and mortar shopping experience. A Shopfront display that has grown beyond fashion to encompass food, makeup, books, and art – enabling hundreds of small businesses to get off the ground – these modern retail & shopping kiosks are the future of retail.

A one-stop shop that blends retail with event marketing, the role of retail kiosks is not new, with brands and retailers utilising them in increasingly innovative ways. A fully flexible, modular option for in-line retail activities that boasts full-colour interchangeable lightweight prints, LCD screens, hanging solutions, shelves, and digital tablet enclosures, these popular marketing superstars come in all standard configurations and can be added to, or broken up into sections, to suit your mall-space or tenant needs. Here are 8 ways a retail kiosk can boost revenue and build buzz for your brand.

#1 Markets merchandise around a season, sale, or holiday
#2 Tests new products or concepts
#3 Enhances customer buying experience through personal interaction
#4 Encourages the spontaneous purchase of merchandise
#5 Increases customer base and brand extension
#6 Generates brand exposure and boosts sales
#7 Facilitates the collection of leads, feedback, and loyalty programs
#8 Cost effective with low overheads

A ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ temporary to permanent kiosk – creating unique, memorable 3D experiences aligned with the brand’s values – a retail kiosk is a short-term investment for what could be a long-term gain. The newest trend in guerrilla marketing to hit the streets nationwide, a modular retail kiosk has proven to be an effective prizewinning marketing tool that can be strategically placed just about anywhere.

Mimicking exclusive modern showrooms that bridge the online and offline gap, not only do these master showrooms have the power to draw attention from the crowds, generate brand buzz, create opportunities for marketers, and ultimately, boost higher sales, but these sleek, simple, portable, cost-effective and interactive marketing superstars are also the perfect avenue to take any business on the road and make flash appearances.