4 Modern Wall Art Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Space

Looking to bring some life to those bare and boring walls of yours, or are you looking to transform and modernise your space? It’s 2016, which means it’s time to embrace some new interior design trends. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable solution to add life, character, colour and style to your home or business, here are 4 wall art ideas guaranteed to transform your walls.

#1 Advertise or reveal your world with poster prints

Cost-effective and versatile, poster prints will never go out of style, from Andy Warhol, family and pet portraits, landscape holiday moments, and abstract prints to all those little priceless moments in between—poster prints can be used as promotional tools in business marketing and as a window to your world in your living space.

#2 Add originality and style with sticker prints

It’s not always hip to be square so ditch those standard frames and add a little originality and style with sticker prints. Sicker prints, also known as vinyl wall art is a trendy design option that offers style, inspiration, and an enormous sense of humour. From fresh interpretations of fabulousness to philosophical words that inspire to reflective images of Mother Nature—sticker prints make excellent wall art for restaurants, bars, retail outlets, bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, and indoor and outdoor kitchens. A brilliant way of welcoming personality and character into your home or business – pick a painting or an image, a quote or a photograph that holds significance and turns it into a vinyl sticker that will last for years and years.

#3 Add dimension to your walls with 3D wall art

Words, images and portraits are great to look at, but if you’re looking for wall art ideas that can give your space the WOW factor, then turn to 3D wall art. From geometric 3D printed paper sculptures on canvas, box mounted origami, puff paint on canvas, and wood triangular shelves to protruding box framed wooden sculptures that give the illusion of dimension—3D wall art has a way of bursting off your walls as they grab attention.

#4 Turn your wall into a masterpiece with wallpaper

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you want to give your patrons, family, friends, guests or clients something to talk about, wallpaper will do the trick. When most people think about wallpaper, they automatically think of kitsch patterned walls, outdated floral prints and difficult installations and removals. But times have changed and owing to innovation, design and technology—whatever you can imagine can be printed on wallpaper. Decide on the things, colours or places make you happy and use them to transform and add personality to your space. Whether you’re looking to give the illusion of bricks, bring nature into your bedroom, or bring the ocean into your bathroom, do it with wallpaper!

There’s nothing more transformative than a beautifully designed home or office – if you’re looking to add personality and style to your home, spice up your walls with one of our many wall art ideas.