3 Standout Trends Dominating Commercial and Corporate Landscaping

Interested in elevating your corporate image and brand? Want to know what trends are shaping the corporate and commercial gardening world right now? Did you know that your corporate and commercial property has a powerful impact on how your clients, customers and tenants view your products and services? Yes, in the world of business, impressions are foremost, and one way to impress your clients is to make sure your outdoor space looks polished, stylish, and functional. Want to know where you should spend your landscape dollars next year? Here are the top 3 corporate landscaping trends guaranteed to turn heads and save you money.

#1 Swap the grass and exotics for an ECO-friendly landscape

It’s no secret that Gauteng is amid a serious water crisis and as you can imagine its difficult keeping a landscape polished and functional when water is scarce. Sustainable ECO-friendly landscapes, also known as ‘naturescaping’ is very much trending at the moment. It seems, commercial and corporate landscapes have gone ECO-friendly with many swapping their grass for stones and showcasing more drought-tolerant plants rather than exotics.

#2 Bling is out and natural is in

We never thought we would see the days of corporate landscaping going back to basics, but it’s happened and instead of embracing expensive materials and large and lavish water features, corporate landscaping is embracing natural materials such as rock, stone, and clay for building retainer walls and decks, rock pathways, and for managing their water needs.

#3 Corporates are bringing the outdoors in

Although corporate landscaping reflects the desire to bring the indoors outside, mother nature is having a serious moment indoors, and for a fantastic reason. You really don’t have to be a shrink to know that greenery in and around the workplace enhances the ambience of the office. In fact, studies have even shown that filling the office with greenery reduces both stress and anxiety, and it improves air quality, which is beneficial in combating ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Yes, healthy employees mean happy and productive employees so don’t be shy to fill your workplace with edibles, ornamentals, and exotics.

While some of these corporate landscaping ideas are a continuation of recent landscaping trends, corporate landscaping is becoming greener, more beautiful, and far more efficient than it was a decade ago. Not only can an attractive, ECO-friendly outdoor space provide an outstanding look and feel for your business property, but a well-designed commercial and corporate landscape speaks volumes about you and your brand.