3 Modern Living Room Ideas to Cheat Your Way to Bigger

Is your current living room style cramping your style, looking for some new stylish, innovative living room ideas, but not sure where to start? An influential space that has the power to set the tone for your entire home, your living room reflects your personality and style, so you need to furnish it with your favourite shapes, colours, textures and pieces of furniture.

But what if your living room is too small? Here are 3 living room ideas guaranteed to fool the eye and make your living room appear larger.

#1 Revamp and balance with multifunctional furniture

To be modern is to be multifunctional. No longer just about colour matching and keeping up with symmetry, interior design is all about the use of minimum space to the maximum efficacy. And if there’s one way to cheat your way back to bigger, start by revamping and balancing your space with modern multifunctional furniture. A rising trend among urban loft living fashionistas, businesses and modern homes – go for armless contemporary sofas, modular corner sofas, chairs with slender profiles and legs, glass and chrome tables, or a large upholstered ottoman that can double as a coffee table, secret storage compartment and chair. Modern furniture will fill your small space with comfort and function without making it feel cramped.

#2 Give the illusion of space with natural and modern lighting

Today’s interior is all about optical illusion. A pivotal element in any living room design – nothing shrinks a room faster than poor lighting. Lighting can make or break a space, which is why your first step would be to make the most of all the natural light you have available. If your space lacks natural light, then take advantage of white or pale hues as this will automatically increase the brightness of a room by reflecting light.

#3 Keep colours and patterns to scale

There is more to colour than what meets the eye. Whereas dark colours absorb light, making a room appear smaller, neutral colours make small spaces appear larger. Another trick is to stick to smaller prints – but if you’re mad about larger bolder prints, then this is where colour will save the day. Darker colours with large patterns will make your living room look small, whereas lighter and softer colours such as white, cream and icy blue and greens with big prints and patterns will make your space appear larger.

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